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Postgame Press: Twitter and the Antonio Brown problem

Snapchat? Not for me. Facebook? Meh. Instagram? Alright. Twitter? Oh yeah. I love the funny tweets, I love the news tweets, I love tweets — period. I have to admit, my favorite part of Twitter has to be the sports discourse. I follow Cubs fans, who are diehard and always have something funny or motivational […]

Postgame Press: Happy Luck-go-y

Welcome back to Postgame Press, the column about the hottest sports stories off the field. The NFL started recently and already has no shortage of news. The first story on the docket was the retiring of Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck. Hailed as one of the greatest draft prospects of a generation, Luck found himself […]

Postgame Press: Spread holiday cheer

Content warning: This article discusses domestic violence. The sports news cycle has been filled with bad news recently. There has been a lot of press coverage of the cases of Addison Russell, Reuben Foster and, most recently, Kareem Hunt. No doubt about it, there are some bad people in professional sports. There’s no place for […]

Postgame Press: Thanksgiving tradition

Thanksgiving is a holiday about food, family and — since 1876 — football. Those three things are great and all, but sometimes numbers one and two are lacking in appeal. I am lucky enough to have had all three be good this year, but there is often one that is not up to par. I […]

Postgame Press: Hot takes

Hot takes in sports are a reflection of hot takes in the world around us. We live in a polarized society. These days, foreign policy opinion leaders say that political polarization is the number one threat to the United States. More than nuclear programs and trade wars, it is our own polarization that could hurt […]

Postgame Press: Ultimate question: GOAT or BOAT?

This is it. Today is the day. To all my avid readers: I know you have always wondered how I feel about the Jordan-LeBron debate. You must wait no longer. Who is the GOAT? It is one of the most highly-debated topics in sports. It seems inevitable that this will come up when a conversation […]

Postgame Press: The times, they are a-changin’

I am tired. I know a lot of baseball fans who are tired. Why are we so tired? Game 3. The third game of this year’s World Series clocked in at an astonishingly long seven hours and 20 minutes. The game was 18 innings long, twice as long as the regulation nine of a baseball game. […]

Postgame Press: Celebrate good plays, c’mon!

I love a good celebration. Someone got a promotion? Celebrate. Someone won a competition? Celebrate. Someone is having a baby? Celebrate. But you know what pastime loves a good celebration as much as I do? Sports. And today I want to celebrate celebrations. Celebrations in sports have been around for a long time. The first […]

Postgame Press: America’s soccer problem

If you did not know, America is not the center of the universe. It is tough these days not to focus on the United States and the United States alone, but there is plenty more going on out there. This is an attitude that extends from pop culture and politics to sports. America has the […]

Postgame Press: To the pain

To the pain. Westley from “The Princess Bride” (1987) demands a duel not to the death, but to the pain. I do not plan on ever getting into a duel, certainly not one that ends in the gruesome way he describes. But sports may be described as “to the pain.” We cheer and give our […]