David Meyer is a sports editor at the Tufts Daily. He is a senior studying film and media studies. David can be reached at [email protected]

Postgame Press: Be a good sport

“Be a good sport.” I think that is a line from “The Great Gatsby” (1925), but I may have heard it somewhere else. All I know is that in sports, good sportsmanship is a standard for players and teams to uphold, even at professional levels when all the players are grown-up. One of those sportsmanship […]

Postgame Press: Scamstros scandal

Hear the whistles. Hit the garbage can. Is this a performance of Stomp? No, this is the Houston Astros organization when an off-speed pitch is coming. Supposedly. It seems fitting to me that one hundred years after the Black Sox scandal that shook baseball, we have a scandal of our own. The Houston Astros name […]

Postgame Press: More respect for Morant

Ja Morant put the ball behind his back and hit the layup. He caught alley-oops. He assisted from underneath the basket. He soared for dunks. The Memphis Grizzlies won 107–106 over the Utah Jazz on Friday and Morant finished with 25 points, 4 rebounds, 8 assists and a nice highlight reel. This was the game […]

Postgame Press: Thanks for playing

Despite the superstition, it seems like touching the Western Conference trophy in the NHL is not actually a curse. Whether or not that is true, the truth behind the superstition is that the Western Conference trophy is not the one that players are playing for. Players want championship trophies and the second place ones are […]

Postgame Press: You’re an All-Star, get your game on, get paid

Win one for the little guy. After a lot of debating and a lot of waiting, a big decision shook up college athletics. A wise man of many words wrote about the problem earlier this year. Students-athletes are much more of one than the other. The discrepancy between the time they put into the sport […]

Postgame Press: Tanks for no memories

A not-so-great film father figure once said: “If you’re not first, you’re last.” I wondered about this quote recently as I pondered the Chicago Bulls. In the NBA, a league built on superstar talent that seems to have more and more “superteams” popping up, is it better to be just under first, or the worst? […]

Postgame Press: Family matters

I was not the best athlete as a kid. My dad was no professional athlete, but his athletic prowess in the North Shore summer camp circuit was well-regarded amongst his peers whenever they visited my camp. I had some sports I was okay at, but I was really bad at a few sports. Most specifically […]

Postgame Press: Ball(d)-face Lie?

I love baseball. I know. Shocking. Is it boring? My baseball housemates say no. My dad says no. I say no. The public, though, may disagree. With the knowledge that the average baseball fan is older than 55 and that fewer than 10 percent of United States citizens say it is their favorite sport, some […]

Postgame Press: Meet Me at (the) London

Traveling is something many people do for fun, basketball players do and turn the ball over and other athletes try to avoid. Home is where the heart is — and home-field advantage is certainly hoped for in sports. In the NFL, the home team wins 57.6% of the time. When it comes to the new […]

Postgame Press: Turning ‘Blue’ to ‘Deep Blue’

Do games come down to specific moments, or are they fluid and difficult to pin down to a few key seconds? That’s an interesting question to examine, and the answer might change your opinion on one of the hottest topics in sports: automated refereeing. I myself am guilty of saying a call blew my team […]