Daniel Klain is a junior assistant arts editor who has not yet declared a major. Daniel can be reached at daniel.klain@tufts.edu.

Senior Profile: Jason Martin

Jason Martin is multitalented, if nothing else. As he graduates this spring with a degree in political science, Martin will be able to say he participated in Tufts drama department performances and independent Tufts theater shows as well as Tufts Dance Collective all in his four years here. This doesn’t even include the internship Martin […]

Professor Shapero reads ‘The Lone Acceptable Application of Daylight’ for lunchtime talk series

On April 10, the Aidekman Arts Center continued its event series for the semester and hosted Tufts Professor of the Practice Natalie Shapero. Currently teaching two courses on poetry at Tufts, Shapero has published multiple collections of poems. Her most recent book, “Hard Child” (2017), made the short list for the International Griffin Poetry Prize. […]

‘Barry’ comes back with a bang

Television’s best contract killer is back. HBO’s “Barry” (2018–) returned over the past two weeks to debut its second season and the television world was excited to see what the show had in store. Viewers of the show finished their premiere season excited and concerned. The show ended last year with such a strong decision — for Barry to […]

Falling in love with Netflix’s ‘Dating Around’

It’s another day and that means Netflix is still at it, trying to take over our every waking moment of free time. This time, though, that does not only apply to the viewer, but the subject. Recently, Netflix decided to journey into the genre of reality television, covering food and travel, similar to the programs found […]

Why is comedy TV obsessed with the afterlife?

For the longest time, comedy television was the way to take a load off. Americans would come home from work tired and turn on the television to hang out with their friends on the screen. With the innovation of the workplace comedy, viewers got to feel included as they watched a group go through their […]

Netflix’s ‘High Flying Bird’ soars, experiments with new media

Netflix’s attempt to control every second of our attention and free time continued this weekend with the release of Steven Soderbergh’s “High Flying Bird” (2019). The film takes place over a span of 72 hours as super sports agent Ray Burke (André Holland) attempts to help end a labor dispute between professional basketball owners and their players. […]

‘True Detective’ continues to struggle with pace

After some wild ups and downs, the hyped third season of HBO’s “True Detective” (2014–) came back down to earth. Starring Mahershala Ali, this season focuses on two detectives attempting to solve the kidnapping and murder of two children in 1980 over the span of two and a half decades. The story sticks to three […]

Fyre Festival documentaries show different sides to the same disaster

Fyre Festival is one of the greatest failures of the social media era. Marketed as a luxury music festival, the idea was to take something like Coachella and up the level of wealth and opulence. The original promotional video showed famous Instagram models such as Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber enjoying themselves and indicated that perhaps […]

Top five TV shows of 2018

This year was an absurd one for television. Thanks to streaming platforms, our seasonally-based conceptions of when shows should air have broken. Just when it felt like TV was dying down, it came back strong. As the year now draws to a close, it is time to rank the top five shows of 2018. Without further ado: 5. “Salt, Fat, […]

With Oscars approaching, Netflix aims for wins with winter releases

December typically signifies the time of year when most ‘Oscar-worthy’ films are released. Whether it is to keep films fresh in the minds of Oscar voters, who largely receive these films on DVD and can watch them at anytime, or to give us something to talk about with our family members over the holidays, movie award […]