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Christopher Panella is a first-year who has not yet declared a major. Christopher can be reached at [email protected]

How COVID-19 has affected the arts, locally and globally

While larger artists have stayed afloat, beloved venues have felt the impact of the end of live shows. In Boston, multiple local venues have been forced to close doors due to economic losses following the cancellation and postponement of live music. One such venue is Great Scott, which has hosted shows in the greater Boston area for more than 40 years.

‘It’s okay to cry’: Remembering Sophie

Sophie made an immeasurable impact on both music and the queer community. While the death of the producer marks a devastating loss, there is some solace in the fact that Sophie’s presence will exist for a long time.

From the Arts Editors: Our quarantine consumption

To be more deliberate with my time and help diversify my literary world, I committed to only reading authors of color during my quarantine time and throughout 2020. I first read April Sinclair’s “Coffee Will Make You Black” (1994) and “The Autobiography of Malcolm X” (1965). Two very different books, but both so important to […]

2019 summer movie roundup

This year’s box office has been Disney-dominated — from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) to remakes, Disney has half of the 10 highest grossing films of the year. It’s no surprise that some of these films have been summer blockbusters, but there are other films that rose to success. Here are the Tufts Daily’s arts […]

Top 10 movies of 2018

“Roma” Throughout its over two-hour run, the incredibly rich “Roma” slowly constructs the world of one woman, Cleo (Yalitza Aparicio), and the depths of her experience as a maid in the early 1970s for a family in Mexico City. Directed, produced, written and edited by Alfonso Cuarón, “Roma” is semi-autobiographical. Besides being the most gorgeous film of […]

Before Spring Fling performance, Quinn XCII talks discovering his sound, future of his career

Tufts is welcoming Quinn XCII to the President’s Lawn stage this Saturday to perform as part of the annual Spring Fling concert. Putting out music that blends pop, hip-hop, electronic and soul, Quinn XCII has been gaining an audience through the release of several EPs over the last few years. Most recently, his debut album, “The Story of Us” (2017), […]

Grammys provoke new fitting hashtag: #GrammysSoMale

This is, unquestionably, a strange and explosive time for the entertainment industry. The #MeToo movement has upended many of the most successful and powerful men in the industry, taking down news anchor giants like Matt Lauer, formerly beloved actors like Kevin Spacey and executives like Harvey Weinstein. The movement has also opened up a dialogue that was muted for decades […]

‘Blue Madonna’ by BØRNS features same themes, different approach, is just as enjoyable

When Lana Del Rey posted about BØRNS’ new album “Blue Madonna” on Instagram, describing it as “one of the craziest, best records I’ve heard in years,” she wasn’t wrong. One listen alone reveals “Blue Madonna”as a vivid, emotional and expansive album. Sure, it features the same themes BØRNS sings about on his debut album, “Dopamine” (2015). It’s about […]

Op-Ed: 2020 is around the corner, Democrats need a driver

With midterm elections at the end of this year, it seems that the common rhetoric revolves around the idea that Democrats will be able to, and are going to, sweep open seats across districts and states. Of course, with a recently substantial list of election victories, the conclusion that 2018 is the Republican Party’s worst […]

How streaming, mixtapes have changed the music landscape

“I think this is now Spotify’s entire world,” Darren Hemmings, the head of the digital marketing agency Motive Unknown, said. Hemmings is talking specifically about playlists and how streaming platforms support the playlist format of different songs from different artists over albums from one artist, but his statement applies to the entire music industry. Since streaming giants like Spotify, Apple […]