Chris Duncan is a sophomore studying political science. Chris can be reached at [email protected]

Boxed in by the pandemic: Tufts mime group shares enthusiasm for live semester

How do live performers continue their work during a pandemic? A live performance’s ability to affect the viewer hinges on the viewer and the performer being tangible to each other — meaning, most of the time, in the same room. That kind of energy does not translate well to Zoom. Now, imagine being a mime […]

Students grapple with uncertainty about studying abroad next year

Those hoping to study abroad next year have already made tentative plans. But for many, the uncertainty and frustration of the past year persists, whether it be navigating Tufts’ strict guidelines regarding international travel or coping with the rapidly closing window of opportunity to travel in college. 

Police reform: How is it achieved? 

Americans are demanding systemic change in the policing system, and protests for police reform have become national news. How exactly is police reform achieved? Here are four approaches.

Schildkraut says competitive local elections key to healthy democracy

It might seem like general election season is uneventful in Massachusetts. Republicans in the state have little incentive to run candidates in races other than the governorship, where they historically win quite often, and select legislative districts. 

An interview with Kevin O’Connor, Republican candidate for Senate

An Oct. 26 poll from UMass Amherst and WCVB showed incumbent Sen. Ed Markey leading his Republican challenger Kevin O’Connor by 39 points. That same day, I sat down with O’Connor to discuss his candidacy and his thoughts on the upcoming election.

‘A lot is at risk in this election’: Students, faculty weigh in on Supreme Court confirmation

Tufts experts and students discuss President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett.