Chris Duncan is a junior studying political science. Chris can be reached at [email protected].

Talking Transit: Transit funding is on the ballot this fall — please vote for it

You’ve (maybe, hopefully) voted before, and you may have come across specific questions on your ballot asking whether you want a certain policy to pass. There are tons of examples of big-deal ballot questions from places like Massachusetts and California, states where many Tufts students come from.  California’s Proposition 13 is perhaps the most famous […]

Talking Transit: An ode to cargo bikes

I want to take today to continue last week’s trend of positivity and talk about one of my favorite developments in car-free living: cargo bikes!  Of course, cargo bikes are anything but a novel concept — they are literally just bikes with space to store stuff. But they hold enormous potential to solve issues posed […]

Tufts Muslim community leaders reflect on joys, challenges of celebrating Ramadan during the semester

Ramadan is a time of spiritual renewal and reflection, a time for Muslims to take part in a celebration of community, spiritual growth and personal development. The monthlong holiday involves fasting not only from food and drink during the day but also from general bad habits or attitudes that individuals might wish to change. Tufts […]

Talking Transit: Something the T can actually be proud of

I often feel that this column complains too much. What can I say, there are a lot of problems with the T! But in an attempt to not get bogged down in negativity and nitpicking this week, it is worth stopping sometimes to appreciate what riders in our system have to be grateful for. Thankfully, […]

Talking Transit: How Tufts could get students to take the T

We’re lucky enough to be offered discounted T passes through the university, so if you want to have unrestricted access to the T for a semester, I’d encourage you to check that out. However, you might want to make sure you ride the T enough to justify the price tag. But things could be much […]

Talking Transit: At the end of the day, everything is old and sucks

Last week had a lot of transit news, and a lot of it was pretty good even! Notably, we got the first branch of the Green Line Extension, and the MBTA released their brand spankin’ new five-year capital investment plan. The plan itself showed promise, even though it frustratingly still has no real concrete plan […]

Talking Transit: The Globe rubs salt in the wound

If you read the Boston Globe, you might have come across this article on Monday about what the T could have been. The crux of it centers on a map published by the paper in April 1947 showcasing planners’ proposals for an expansion of Boston’s T network. Looking at it now, knowing that so little […]

Talking Transit: Americans will pay more for gas, but will they ride the bus?

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is having worldwide consequences. Surely almost everyone in the Tufts community is familiar with the situation by now: Russia has invaded its neighbor Ukraine, seemingly attempting to take over much of the country. As a result, the United States and many other countries have imposed harsh sanctions on the aggressor, which […]

Talking Transit: What the new bus pilot program means

The MBTA blessed us last week with more data on the initial fare-free pilot for the Route 28 bus. The information is outlined in several media outlets, so I will not recount all of it here, but there are a few big takeaways. The first things worth mentioning are the pilot’s successes, because it had […]

Talking Transit: What’s a guy gotta do to get some oversight around here?

If you were in the area last summer, you might remember hearing about a Green Line collision in Allston that injured nearly 30 people in July. Things didn’t stop there — in early September, Boston University professor David Jones fell through rusted stairs near JFK/UMass and died. Later that month, an escalator reversed direction at […]