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Tufts students evicted from ZBT house after Walnut Hill repeatedly failed to make repairs

In April, the three residents of the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity house were told to move out due to maintenance issues that began in September 2020 and that Walnut Hill, a Tufts real-estate subsidiary, repeatedly failed to resolve. 

TCU Senate passes resolutions, funding requests in final meeting of semester

The first resolution called on Tufts to make COVID-19 vaccinations accessible for all in-person community members in the fall 2021 semester. The original text of the resolution contained a clause asking Tufts to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations for all in-person students in the fall, but several senators expressed concern that this would intensify existing racial inequities surrounding access to the vaccine, and that the language of a mandate would unfairly put pressure on students rather than the administration.

TCU Senate budgets over $2 million to student organizations for next fiscal year

TCU Senate then allocated over $2 million to fund more than 200 TCU-recognized student organizations for the 2022 fiscal year. Rather than voting on each of the organizations’ budgets individually, the Senate divides them into 10 groups, called councils, in addition to a final category for umbrella organizations. Each council represents a specific type of student organization.

TCU Senate passes resolution to expand TUPIT program, discusses anti-Asian racism

The Tufts Community Union Senate passed a resolution calling on the university to give incarcerated and formerly incarcerated participants in the Tufts University Prison Initiative of Tisch College (TUPIT) the opportunity to earn a Tufts degree and discussed recent anti-Asian racism in a virtual meeting on Sunday evening.

TCU Senate passes resolutions calling on Tufts to divest from private prisons, require all fall 2021 courses to offer in-person component

Tufts Community Union Senate passed two resolutions in a virtual meeting on Sunday night. The first, put forward by Tufts for a Racially Equitable Endowment, calls on Tufts to divest from private prison corporations. The second, which was introduced by the Education Committee of TCU Senate, calls on the university to offer in-person components for all fall 2021 classes.

Judiciary member alleges discrimination, garners national attention; members of SJP, TCU Senate face harassment

Tufts Community Union Judiciary member Max Price alleges that he was discriminated against and that his place in student government was threatened due to his Jewish identity, in a months-long conflict between arms of the TCU government and activist group Tufts Students for Justice in Palestine. The conflict has attracted national attention and led to the harassment of members of both the TCU government and SJP.

TCU Senate passes million dollar treasury resolution, discusses future of student government disciplinary hearings

The trust will be used to restore and enhance post-pandemic university traditions that were canceled during the COVID-19 pandemic. Half of the fund will go towards post-pandemic celebrations for the classes of 2020 and 2021, while the other half will be used to augment Homecoming, Spring Fling and Tuftonia’s Day, among other future events.

TCU Senate discusses canceled hearing, hears proposals for two new resolutions

The hearing against members of last semester’s Judiciary has been canceled after the members of Students for Justice in Palestine who filed the complaint withdrew it. The complainants’ decision came after their names were shared with the members of the Judiciary against whom they had filed their complaint, citing privacy and security concerns. 

TCU Senate prepares for hearing, hears supplementary funding requests

TCU Parliamentarian Taylor Lewis discussed the upcoming hearing against members of the Judiciary. The Senate is holding the hearing in response to allegations from four Tufts community members claiming that the TCU Judiciary exhibited bias in its handling of the Tufts Students for Justice in Palestine referendum last semester.

TCU Senate discusses upcoming initiatives, hears supplementary funding requests

TCU President Wiener discussed ongoing planning for Wellness Week, which is scheduled to take place during the week of March 22 when students would ordinarily be on spring break.