Kiss Me Kate’ is two plays in one

                Cole Porter’s “Kiss Me Kate,” the first of the Tufts drama department’s productions for fall semester, starts tonight. Though a 60-year-old play might seem outdated for a college audience, Associate Professor and Director Barbara Wallace Grossman hopes to captivate students with the play’s theme of eternal love.    Written in 1948, “Kiss […]

Boston bound in literature

Turn off that TV, stash the remote and bury your nose in a book — or better yet, book it to Copley Square this weekend for a festival sure to make any bookworm squirm. This Saturday, Oct. 24th, marks the very first Boston Book Festival, a free all-day extravaganza for book lovers of any age […]

Architects return from D.C. defeated but proud

The Curio House team traveled to Washington with high hopes, but they’re coming home feeling a little under-appreciated. The solar-powered house, which students from Tufts and the Boston Architectural College (BAC) built on Tufts’ campus over the summer, placed 15th out of a field of 20 international competitors at the 2009 Solar Decathlon. The U.S. […]

Local shops take the cake for creative, decadent cupcakes

    Ever want to escape the Tufts campus rut and explore the surrounding areas? Checking out the various bakery joints around campus in search of cupcakes is a fun and tasty way to explore new places. A day-long search for sugar revealed a few bakeries nearby that are bound to satisfy any cupcake-lover’s sweet tooth. […]

Fame’ deserves no celebrity

When Christopher Gore’s “Fame” premiered in 1980, it garnered massive critical acclaim, winning two Oscars for its depiction of the cutthroat world of young students in the performing arts. Almost 30 years later, the movie industry has decided that it is time to take advantage of dancing reality shows such as “So You Think You […]

WMFO starts record label to help Tufts bands hit it big

The Tufts campus has always been full of student bands — some looking for fun with their friends, others taking a music career more seriously. The WMFO radio station, a long-time staple of the Tufts music culture, now has the means and the manpower to aid those few serious bands looking for a music career: […]

Jennifer’s Body’ is a confusing buffet of genres

Advertisements and media hype have given viewers mixed messages about “Jennifer’s Body.” In the trailers, the film comes across as a gory thriller with the added bonus of Megan Fox sexiness. But since the movie is penned by Diablo Cody, the Academy Award-winning screenwriter of the indie hit “Juno” (2007), it’s expected to be wittier […]

Green team prepares Curio House for competition

In the once-empty field across from South Hall, an entire building was erected over the summer. It’s not hard to miss. On the weekends, people surround the building, moving things around, finishing up the flooring inside or measuring and taking notes on its dimensions. This flurry of activity is just another day’s work on the […]

Adaptations of “Lovely Bones,” “Where the Wild,” “Mr. Fox” bode for a lively fall and winter

    The fall season usually brings a mixed bag for moviegoers, as the leftover blockbusters, big-studio award bait and small indie films finally make their way onto the big screen.    Compared to last fall, this particular season has stirred up a lot of anticipation for more than a few films. Whether or not these films […]

Tufts students advance their careers by spending their summers at media internships

Many Tufts students return home for the summer to spend time with old friends and work summer jobs. Relaxing on the beach, catching summer flicks and maybe reading a good book are all typical, low-key summer activities. Some students, however, have traded these leisure activities for work, obtaining media-related summer internships. Most students acknowledge the […]