Violence and family life collide in ‘Lights Out’

Looking to fill the void left by the failure of original series “Terriers” during the fall, FX on Jan. 11 rolled out its newest show, “Lights Out.” After just one episode, the show promises to fill a Tuesday night niche for male viewers with a deep, complex sports drama unlike any on cable television. The […]

Classic filmmaking pulls ‘Secretariat’ ahead

Oscar season kicked off last week with the first major contender presenting itself: David Fincher’s “The Social Network.” Gone are the days of sweeping epics taking home the gold — unless, of course, you pander to the Disney mode of filmmaking. “Secretariat” is based on the true story of Penny Chenery (Diane Lane), a middle−aged […]

Spy drama ‘Undercovers’ is fun but familiar

J.J. Abrams’s production company, Bad Robot, has spawned some of the best television of the past decade — “Felicity” (1998−2002), “Alias” (2001−2006), “Lost” (2004−2010) and, while it has had rough spots, “Fringe.” Bad Robot’s latest television venture, “Undercovers,” eschews Abrams’s original touch and basically remakes “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” (2005) in serial form with a […]

New York Fashion Week introduces new, innovative trends while looking to past

With Boston Fashion Week getting into gear this week, it’s time to preview what kinds of trends came out earlier this month at New York’s Mercedes−Benz Fashion Week (NYFW). The spring/summer 2011 collections of world−famous designers like Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors shook up the fashion world by rejecting the sartorial status quo of ’80s […]

Nikita’ reboot puts fresh spin on familiar material

This fall’s television lineup feels overwhelmingly recycled. There’s J. J. Abrams’s “Undercovers,” a rip−off of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” (2005), on NBC. ABC has a family−friendly action show called “No Ordinary Family” that is a cross between “Heroes” (2006−10) and a live−action version of “The Incredibles” (2004). And then there’s “Nikita” on The CW, a […]

Member of Spring Fling headliner talks about the band’s songwriting, music videos

This Saturday, the rock band OK Go will headline Spring Fling, playing to thousands of Tufts students. The band, started in 1998, has released three albums, the most recent one entitled “Of the Blue Colour of the Sky” (2010), for which they have been touring the past few weeks. Damian Kulash (vocals, guitar), Tim Nordwind […]

Winter’s Bone’ director speaks about newest film

This year’s independent film to watch, “Winter’s Bone,” screened last Friday night at the Somerville Theatre as part of the Independent Film Festival of Boston. The film won the Grand Jury Prize earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival, and it also snagged the Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award at the festival for director Debra […]

Glee’ returns for an encore, with a stronger story

Last week the hottest new show of the year — FOX’s “Glee” — returned after an unbearably long mid-season hiatus. Already, after only two episodes, the show has shown why it won a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild Award this past awards season, as it continues its ascent to being one of the […]

Festival Preview | Independent Film Festival of Boston kicks off tomorrow night

Tomorrow night, the Independent Film Festival of Boston — featuring some of this year’s most talked about independent films — begins with the screening of Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini’s “The Extra Man.” As is tradition, the film will play at Somerville Theatre, starting at 7:30 p.m. One of the stars, critically−acclaimed actor Kevin […]

Concerts Preview | Boston looks forward to an exciting lineup of concerts in April

The Boston concert scene will be hopping this spring. Though many bigger names mean bigger ticket prices, there is a plethora of bands playing the smaller clubs — often for $20 or $30. Coming up in April, these concerts would all constitute a good study break before finals, and luckily, there’s something for everyone. Dashboard […]