Coffee Talk: Carmichael Dining Center

There’s a heated debate over which dining hall is better: Dewick or Carm. In all honesty, both dining halls are like my children; I can’t pick a favorite. However, today we are going to be talking about Carm: where the dining staff members are always happy, smoothies occasionally make it on the breakfast menu and, of course, fresh berries are served almost every morning. 

Coffee Talk: Davis Square Donuts & Bagels

Besides being a COVID-19-friendly, local business with great customer service, Davis Square Donuts & Bagels serves some fantastic breakfast. The eggs are fried fresh to order; none of that pre-cooked or microwaved stuff ends up on your sandwich. In summary, waiting for 10 minutes in the rain was well worth it. 

Coffee Talk: Danish Pastry House

Sitting thousands of miles away from campus, I wondered if my favorite coffee shop would be forced to close down. I was getting sick of whipped coffee, banana bread and all the other TikTok trends; all I wanted was to be sitting in DPH with a kringle and a hot cup of coffee.