Coffee Talk: Revival Cafe

Finding a time to coerce my friends into eating breakfast with me is already tough, but what makes it even harder is finding a place that has gluten-free and vegetarian options! Generally, my gluten-free friend is left settling for a yogurt parfait — or just a coffee — when we go out for breakfast. Luckily, we realized that Revival Cafe + Kitchen, that small cafe with a mural that we always pass as we drive through Davis Square, has a menu full of fun breakfast sandwiches, gluten-free options and coffee.

Coffee Talk: Dewick MacPhie Dining Center

In wake of the pandemic, Dewick has undergone some changes. Some of the things I miss the most include the cereal section, the toast and panini bar, the soft serve machine and of course, Sundae Sundays. However, some changes that the dining hall has implemented have been pretty fun. Here are some of my favorite things from Dewick.

Athletes of Color builds community, pushes for change within Tufts athletics

In their effort to work with the athletics department, members of Athletes of Color have compiled a list of 13 action items. Among other efforts, these items aim to push the department to amplify the club's work, implement more regular anti-racist and diversity, equity and inclusion trainings and maintain transparency in the department’s hiring practices regarding staff who are people of color. 

Coffee Talk: Cafe Luna

While I was feeling quite safe eating at Cafe Luna, I was also very excited about the menu. As a huge fan of sweet breakfasts, I was immediately drawn to the waffles, french toast and pancakes. Among this section of the menu were Nutella stuffed with strawberries waffles, caramelized bananas and pecans french toast and pancakes topped with cookie butter. The menu also had all the breakfast classics.

Tufts, surrounding communities rally support for Danish Pastry House

Providing a laid-back study environment, warm and welcoming service and of course, tasty food to enjoy with friends, Danish Pastry House on Boston Avenue has become a staple of the Tufts experience. Yet, after experiencing a kitchen fire in January 2020 and then observing the enforcement of COVID-19 regulations in the following months, DPH has had a difficult year.

Coffee Talk: Blackbird Doughnuts

Blackbird has multiple locations throughout Boston, including one in Harvard Square. So, if you’re looking for an excuse to leave campus (in a socially distanced way, of course), go grab a doughnut from Blackbird! In addition to the classic doughnuts that it offers year-round, its March menu includes flavors such as mint chocolate chip, tiramisu and Irish soda bread, among others. Seriously, these doughnuts put Dunkin’s to shame.

Coffee Talk: The Scoop N Scootery

What do I miss the most about pre-COVID-19 campus life? Easy: Sundae Sunday. First-years cannot understand the pain I have every Sunday night when I leave Dewick-MacPhie Dining Center without a fat bowl of ice cream. So once I found out about the Scoop N Scootery, which delivers massive ice cream sundaes to your door until 2 a.m., I was immediately a fan. 

Coffee Talk: Bagelsaurus

A bagel from Bagelsaurus is never just a bagel; it is an experience. Their bagels are light and fluffy; their eggs are just a little bit runny; and their cheese is melted perfectly. Every bagel I’ve had from Bagelsaurus (which has been many) has been accompanied by the most photogenic cheese-pull, and I have the pictures to back it up. 

Coffee Talk: Carmichael Dining Center

There’s a heated debate over which dining hall is better: Dewick or Carm. In all honesty, both dining halls are like my children; I can’t pick a favorite. However, today we are going to be talking about Carm: where the dining staff members are always happy, smoothies occasionally make it on the breakfast menu and, of course, fresh berries are served almost every morning. 

Coffee Talk: Davis Square Donuts & Bagels

Besides being a COVID-19-friendly, local business with great customer service, Davis Square Donuts & Bagels serves some fantastic breakfast. The eggs are fried fresh to order; none of that pre-cooked or microwaved stuff ends up on your sandwich. In summary, waiting for 10 minutes in the rain was well worth it.