Letter from the editor

At the start of my freshman year, I attended the Daily general interest meeting. While looking at the — somewhat intimidating — upperclassmen leaders of the paper at the front of the room, I wondered: Why on earth would anyone in their right mind want to run a daily college newspaper? I had a busy […]

Seniors in the Spotlight

Visitors to the Expo 2010 Shanghai (also known as the Shanghai Expo) this summer and fall will find a Jumbo among the guides at the USA Pavilion. Senior Nick Burns will be working as a student ambassador at the Expo, which opened on May 1. “The idea is there will be a cohort of American […]

Class teaches those enrolled to see the sunny side of life

Many might associate psychology first and foremost with the study of disorders and mental illnesses, but one Experimental College class is focusing on a more optimistic branch of the field. “Positive Psychology: Theory and Application,” is a new course taught by Debra Levy, a teaching fellow at the Department of Psychology at Harvard University. Levy […]

Stand-up Comedy Collective members look to make it big

Although it may not be NBC’s “The Sing Off” (2009), several talented Tufts performers are working to gain national fame in a competition in which fellow Jumbos can determine the outcome. Sophomores Ian Donovan and Matt Nazarian, junior Brian Agler and senior Sam McCauley are competing in the 3rd Annual RooftopComedy.com National College Comedy Competition, […]

TCU Presidential candidates work to get their message out

Since the candidates for the Tufts Community Union (TCU) presidency have been officially nominated, their campaigns are working around the clock until election day on April 28. Both candidates, juniors Lauren Levine and Sam Wallis, are relying on traditional campaign fixtures, but have one key difference in how they are going after votes. Levine is […]

Students learn the basics of counterinsurgency on a paintball range

This weekend, the election of a corrupt official, narrowly avoided food riots and improvised explosive devices (IED) that killed several coalition force members did not occur in a foreign war zone, but on the PnL Paintball field in Bridgewater, Mass. as part of the Field Exercise in Stability Operations, or FIELDEX. This year’s FIELDEX was […]

Universities claim they see classroom potential in the iPad

Apple’s new iPad tablet computer has been on the market for little more than a week, but that hasn’t stopped Seton Hill University, a Catholic liberal arts school in Greensburg, Pa., from making the device a key part of the school’s future. Starting this fall, the university will be giving all incoming freshmen an Apple […]

Tufts group hopes to win Microsoft’s ‘Imagine Cup’ with innovative video game

Breaking into the video game design industry might seem like a distant dream for many, but Tufts senior Cobin Dopkeen, juniors Gilad Gray and Anit Das and School of the Museum of Fine Arts junior Nadia Rodriguez (who is spending this academic year studying at Tufts) are closer than ever to doing just that, thanks […]

Research Symposium lets undergraduates showcase work

This afternoon, members of the Tufts community will be able to see undergraduates from all academic disciplines display their research. The Undergraduate Research Symposium, now in its 12th year, allows Tufts undergraduates to showcase the research they’ve done either on or off campus. This year’s symposium planning committee consisted of seniors Nicole Cherng, Michael Shusterman […]

StarCraft: A game of chess, played at hundreds of moves per minute

Fierce intercollegiate competition, frequent practices and blazingly fast competitors. No, this is not a sport — at least not a traditional one. This is the world of competitive StarCraft, and Tufts’ team is doing very, very well. StarCraft, released in 1998 by Blizzard Entertainment (perhaps best known as the developer of the massively popular World […]