Caroline Depalma is a first-year who has not yet declared their major. Caroline can be reached at [email protected]

Philosophy in Focus: A case for court packing

Say you’re faced with making a choice between two alternatives, but both are immoral in their own right. Is it possible to make an objective calculation of which one causes the least total damage? Is it moral to do so? 

Philosophy in Focus: On the importance of Fat Bear Week

18th century philosopher Immanuel Kant didn’t give us much warning about what an internalized duty to know everything about every tragedy would mean for our mental states, but what he did offer was a distinct source of all good in the world: good intentions.

Philosophy in Focus: Enemies of the state

While we don’t want to be anyone’s enemy, we should always choose that path over one of servitude to a tyrant who conducts himself like an unruly toddler on national television.

Philosophy in Focus: Should we be here?

This week’s question examines whether we should be here at all, “here” being Tufts campus and the communities of Medford, Somerville and Boston and “we” being those of us present in those communities.