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‘Nightwing #78’ is a high-flying and hopeful starting point

Dick Grayson is my favorite member of DC’s Bat Family. A young, genuine and caring man with abilities and resources others don’t have and the presence of mind to use them well. Unfortunately, Nightwing has been tossed aside recently in comics and other mediums for the edgier Batman characters (or just turned into them a la "Titans" (2018–)). Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo are here to fix that, and "Nightwing #78" (2021) oozes with the obvious care and love this team has for Mr. Grayson and company.

‘The Last of Us Part II’ breaks records but not without controversy

With 261 of these honors to its name, as well as being the third highest-grossing PlayStation game ever in the United States, someone unfamiliar with the gaming community might assume "The Last of Us Part II" is universally beloved. Nothing could be further from the truth.

‘The Other History of the DC Universe’ #1 shines a new light on heroics

The DC superheroes known to most of us, like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, are not the only heroes of our world. There are far too many who, like in our own reality, were denied a place at the table due to their race, sexuality or gender. Their experiences were forgotten, misplaced or tokenized. The Other History of the DC Universe by John Ridley finally tells their stories, and the first issue of this miniseries is a triumphant debut.

‘Sea of Sorrows’ #1 is beautiful, but as interesting as a puddle

Regardless of this issue’s story problems, it is undoubtedly beautiful. Illustrator Alex Cormack does an excellent job at establishing the horror and disgust of the story being told, all while still managing to make the story look amazing.

Rorschach #1 lays dark, intriguing pattern

Despite Alan Moore’s outspoken hatred for any continuation of his comic, the staunch devotion the book’s fans have for it and the equally vicious scorn they have for any kind of follow-up, "Watchmen" sequels are now a fad and have generally flopped hard. Tom King’s Rorschach #1 comic (so far) has not.