Carl Svahn is an Arts Editor at The Tufts Daily. He is a Junior who is studying Political Science, Film and Media Studies, and History. Carl can be reached at [email protected]

‘House of the Dragon’ keeps ‘Game of Thrones” legacy alive

The final season of “Game of Thrones” (2011-19) was not bad. For all its fumbling and all its bluntness, the way the world last left Westeros was emblematic of the environment that the show and books that inspired it created. In the show’s aftermath, the prequel show “House of the Dragon” (2022) was released in […]

‘Tufts Concert for Ukraine’ rages against apathy

The walk to the auditorium was a quiet one — and cold. The rain-smelling April 16 night gave little notice that any kind of event, let alone a heavily promoted concert to support Ukraine amid the 2022 Russian invasion, was about to begin. It was only as the streetlamps leading to the Granoff Music Center […]

Video: “What song are you listening to?”

Video journalists Julia Carpi and Carl Svahn recently set out around campus to ask Tufts students an important question: “What song are you listening to?”

Analyzing ‘Dune’ in light of the Oscars

Fear is everywhere in Frank Herbert’s “Dune” (1965). It’s there when the members of House Atreides arrive at their new and hostile home, the desert planet Arrakis. It’s there when Paul Atreides, the protagonist of the book, questions what his role in said story will be. Most importantly, however, it surrounds the book and franchise […]

‘The Legend of Vox Machina’ spins a standard but satisfying tale

Dungeons and Dragons campaigns usually aren’t remembered for their stories. In a game so reliant on group charisma and improvisation, there’s usually little room for the intricate storytelling seen in more plot-driven mediums like film or television to shine. But in rare cases, like with the “nerdy-ass voice actors” behind the DnD web series “Critical […]

Tisch College announces spring 2022 speaker series

The Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life announced their spring 2022 Susan and Alan Solomont Distinguished Speaker Series lineup on Feb. 4, featuring U.S. Representative Ayanna Pressley, Senator Tim Scott and more slated to give their perspectives on the future of American politics. Dean of Tisch College Dayna Cunningham believes the variety and experience […]

Tufts holds virtual admissions events, plans to add in-person tours

Following the surge of the omicron variant of COVID-19, Tufts is now conducting exclusively virtual campus tours and information sessions with a planned return to in-person programming on Feb. 14. Despite this setback, admissions officials report that recent applicants have been satisfied with the university’s virtual offerings. Tufts began offering virtual tours in June 2020.  […]

Video: An inside look at 3D printing

Video journalists Will Flamm and Carl Svahn visited Tufts researcher Vincent Fitzpatrick’s lab to get an inside look at the 3D-printing process and learn more about its potential to revolutionize modern medicine. Read more here.

Porter Square Books expands with new location

David Sandberg never saw himself owning two bookstores. The former lawyer, who has been co-owner of Porter Square Books since 2013, recently oversaw the opening of the famous local bookshop’s second location in Boston’s Seaport District. Despite the setbacks of COVID-19 and the pressures of expanding, Sandberg sees a bright future ahead for the new […]

Foy discusses role of private enterprise in climate advocacy

Doug Foy, an environmental advocate and businessman, sat down with Tina Woolston, director of the Office of Sustainability at Tufts, to discuss climate change at the final Tisch College Civic Life Lunch of the semester, titled “Extreme Weather, Climate Change & the Fight for Environmental Change,” on Nov. 10. After the pair was introduced by […]

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