Brigitte Wilson is a staff writer for the Tufts Daily. She is a sophomore studying Clinical Psychology and French. Brigitte can be reached at [email protected]

Built by Noble: Turning dreams into reality

The loss of his brother in April, the restrictions on gym access due to COVID-19, and an itch to try new workouts, pushed junior Noble Ohakam to depart from his traditional concept of fitness.

Recap of the MLB 2020 season and playoff preview

While there were doubts that the MLB season would even be able to finish due to early outbreaks of COVID-19 among some of the younger teams, the playoffs began Tuesday with glaring absences and unexpected appearances due to a combination of the shortened season, coaching weaknesses, and player adjustments. 

Shifted expectations: student-athletes, coaches adapting to reality without fall sports

As students return to Tufts campus for the hybrid fall semester, fall sport athletes must deal with the reality of training and staying motivated with no season or indication of when normalcy will return. 

Missed seasons and opportunities: How student-athletes are faring at home

While universities’ abrupt closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic have brought about feelings of instability and sadness to many college students across America, student-athletes face the unique challenge of staying in shape with no gyms, trainers or practices.  The Tufts strength and conditioning coaches, who help athletes maintain performance and prevent future injuries, must accommodate […]

The greatest Super Bowl comeback of all time

Tom Brady’s departure from the New England Patriots leaves many fans reminiscing about better days — perhaps specifically Feb. 5, 2017, when the team executed what is widely considered to be the best Super Bowl comeback in NFL history. To the shock of the Atlanta Falcons, the Patriots overcame a 28–3 deficit, miraculously beating their […]