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Cheeses of Suburbia: The young and the stickless

Zachary Hertz (ZH): For our JumboCash-only readers, we’re reviewing oven-reheated mozzarella sticks from Tufts’ own Commons Marketplace. The album title could also describe the people in this room — Good Charlotte’s “The Young and the Hopeless” (2002). And our young and hopeless guest, Petrina Chan, loves birds and eating shaved Parmesan out of a tub […]

Cheeses of Suburbia: Born for sticks

Zachary Hertz (ZH): Given recent political events, we’ve chosen Paramore’s “RIOT!” (2007) this week, starring Evgeni Dobranov, a serial tennis player with a mild interest in computer science whose love for “Misery Business” constantly prevents other people from using the shower. We have Pizza Days sticks, which surprisingly arrived on time! Sadly, Pizza Days is another […]

Cheeses of Suburbia: Stay together for the sticks

Zachary Hertz (ZH): For our Homecoming installment, we have esteemed alumnus Juan Castañeda (LA ’18), who can be found asking Siri to download Grubhub every weekend. Our sticks are from Pinky’s, a local restaurant with somewhat of a reputation: Its owner was sentenced on federal tax charges in July and arrested in 2011 on a drug trafficking […]

Cheeses of Suburbia: Thnks Fr Th Stcks

Zachary Hertz (ZH): Welcome back! This week’s guest is Robert Hoover, a beleaguered sophomore who, as an athlete, physics major, percussion hero and campus celeb, proves you really can have it all, as long as you don’t sleep! Today’s another pop punk classic: Fall Out Boy’s (FOB) “Infinity On High” (2007).  Robert Hoover (RH): I’m […]

Cheeses of Suburbia: Papa John’s and “American Idiot”

Zach Hertz (ZH): Coming to you live, it’s the first meeting of the “Cheeses of Suburbia.” Because we believe a late-night eatery is only as good as its mozzarella sticks, your illustrious hosts will review mozzarella sticks every week while also reviewing a pop punk album. Our first choice might surprise the dedicated late-night orderer: mozz […]