Goalkeeper Erik Lauta shines through incredible skill and humble character

If you’ve been to a game at Bello Field this year, you’ve probably wondered who the tall man wearing bright neon green in goal is. Roaming the penalty area as his eyes scan the opposition’s attacking movement, he tracks the ball like a hawk, ready to charge at any loose ball. In spite of being […]

From Nagrig to Merseyside: Mohamed Salah’s inspirational journey to stardom

Piles of construction gravel and a series of unpainted buildings provide the backdrop to a courtyard with a dirt field. Among the debris used as goals and a few patches of grass is a group of barefoot teenagers chasing a yellow ball. Perhaps the only oasis in this dull desert village is the vibrancy of […]

The story behind Brentford’s meteoric rise to the Premier League

Six seasons ago, Brentford F.C. found itself in the third tier of English football. Today, after a 74-year absence from the top flight, the small club from West London is mid-table in the Premier League.   With a modest stadium capacity of just over 17,000, Brentford is economically dwarfed by its competition. So how did these […]

A new era for Spanish football

Cristiano Ronaldo. Lionel Messi. Two names synonymous with sport. Two names that continue to drive a seemingly flawless rivalry crafted in footballing heaven. For over a decade, this fairytale matchup has gripped the sporting world with its never ending brilliance. As a fan, you either fell for the dazzling footwork and speed of Ronaldo or […]