Betsy Allman is a junior majoring in American studies. She is a member of the Tufts Labor Coalition and can be reached at Betsy is also a layout editor for the Daily.

Listen up Linda: Cuts to the janitorial staff are not an option

Tufts recently entered negotiations with DTZ, the contracting agency for its janitors, to revise its plan of operations for its janitorial staff. The new plan would likely include significant cuts to the janitorial staff — a move that is ethically unacceptable and shockingly inconsistent with the standards of “active citizenship” that Tufts claims to uphold. […]

Chabad House offers family atmosphere for students

Rabbi Tzvi and Chanie Backman of the Rohr Chabad House at Tufts work furiously to act as the Jewish role models that students on campus may be missing. Attending college is the first time many students spend away from the comfort of their home communities. To fill that void for Jewish students on the Hill, […]