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Kanye West as a musical Übermensch

In my previous op-ed, I spoke about how individuals must come up with their own views, values and virtues in the context of politics. Today, I want to discuss how an individual musician has done so, in the context of a conforming industry — Kanye West. Kanye West easily stands as one of the icons of […]

Political cafeterias

Our political landscape exists as a linear spectrum between left and right. Americans see a politician as left-wing or right-wing, or maybe a supposed centrist. Do you support the Affordable Care Act? You must be a Democrat. Do you despise the welfare programs? You’re probably a Republican. This absolutist view of politics results in gridlock, […]

Letter to the Editor: remembering the Chapel Hill victims

I read Shaan Shaikh’s article on Tuesday, February 17th 2015 entitled “Remembering the Chapel Hill victims” with a mixed reaction. Although I applaud the author’s points about taking action to aid Syrian refugees, volunteering at soup kitchens, and proactively working to better the image of Islam, I nevertheless found his remarks on the New Atheist […]