Senior Profile | Kelly Allen

  To throw the discus, which she currently does better than anyone else in Div. III, Kelly Allen begins standing at the rear edge of the thrower’s circle, with her back to her target. With the disc in her right hand, Allen, who graduates today with a major in child development, begins rocking her six-foot […]

Ben Kochman | Between the Slices

You can still order the Double Down at Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), three years after the fast-food chain reveled its infamous breadless “sandwich” in a 2010 April Fool’s Day press release and then decided to leave it on the menu. But the Double Down’s continued existence does not justify anyone ‘s ordering it. The idea […]

Ben Kochman | Between the Slices

  Most of the time, I crave a sandwich that makes me think. But late Friday night was not one of those times. On Friday night, I wanted comfort food. My housemates and I had just finished hosting a social gathering, and the kitchen was in a far too dire state for me to cook […]

Ben Kochman | Between the Slices

  Boston’s best sandwich values are tucked into the side streets of Chinatown, where a couple bucks buys a multilayered, crunchy Vietnamese sandwich called a Banh Mi. Shops slinging the Banh Mi have spread like wildfire all over New York City in the past few years, but Boston’s Vietnamese sandwich scene remains firmly rooted a […]

Ben Kochman | Between the Slices

  I had planned to head into Chinatown this week to eat spicy meats pressed between buns, but those plans will have to wait. I won’t be making any adventures into Boston anytime soon – after this weekend’s historic blizzard, the T is down and my car  is submerged in two feet of snow in […]

Unveiling a city, one story at a time

  More than three months after Hurricane Sandy ravaged the Eastern coastline, causing billions of dollars of damage and displacing thousands from their homes, the storm is decidedly not the top story in today’s 24-hour mainstream media news cycle. But for Narratively, a new digital platform devoted to producing one in-depth story a day about […]

Tufts Christian Fellowship wavers in pursuit of exemption from non-discrimination policy

Nobody is sure what the Tufts Christian Fellowship’s next move is – not even the group itself. Questions about the religious tenets and requirements for leadership of Tufts Christian Fellowship (TCF), a Tufts chapter of the national group InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, have kept the group in a state of limbo since the Tufts Community Union […]

Ben Kochman | Between the Slices

  Spread a layer of peanut butter on a slice of bread, add pickles and top with more bread. This is likely not the peanut butter sandwich your parents packed into your grade-school lunchbox.  But after rigorously testing this unorthodox marriage this week, I can say with certainty that although the peanut butter-pickle sandwich strays […]

The long shot: Alum Senator Scott Brown reflects on Tufts experience

In the fall of 1978, back when Dewick-MacPhie Dining Center moonlighted as a pub several nights a week, when housing issues forced 300 unlucky Tufts underclassmen to shuttle back and forth every day from their residence at the Sheraton Commander Hotel in Harvard Square and when the University President, nutritionist Jean Mayer, gave speeches with […]

Ben Kochman | The Wackness

Anyone watching a National Hockey League game has around a 50 percent chance of watching a bare?knuckle fight break out, with the referees looking on and thousands of screaming fans giving a standing ovation. I’m not telling you anything new if you at least casually follow hockey in North America. Though fighting is banned in […]