Becca Pinto is a features columnist at The Tufts Daily. She is a first-year who has not yet declared a major. Becca can be reached at [email protected]

Sustainability at Tufts: The Tufts Mountain Club

This week, I got to sit down with Bitsy Sharon, the Tufts Mountain Club’s  Stewardship Director, who told me about how the club practices sustainability. We talked a lot about what goes down in terms of sustainability at the Loj, TMC’s cabin in Woodstock, N.H.  Up in the White Mountains, recycling has always been important, […]

Sustainability at Tufts: The Eco Reps program

When I first visited Tufts as a senior in high school, I remember running into a group of students who were selling some of their old clothes on the President’s Lawn. Not only were the clothes super cool, the prices were also very low. As they explained, this was because all they wanted was to […]

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