Avner Golov is first year graduate student at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. He can be reached at avner.golov@gmail.com.

Before Sanctioning – Can We Talk?

I often disagree with the American policy, especially toward the Middle East. Sometimes, I believe the American administration acts counter to its own interests, as well as to Israeli interests. For that reason, I am constantly criticizing American policy decisions. Nonetheless, I have never stopped my intellectual efforts to comprehend the drivers behind the American […]

Apartheid Week or Two-States Week – you choose

George Deek is an Arab-Israeli ambassador born in Jaffa and educated in Tel Aviv, and today he is one of the rising stars in Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If he were to hear that next week Tufts is going to have an “Apartheid Week” which conflates South Africa under Apartheid to today’s Israel, the usually very calm […]

Israeli state or Palestinian state? I choose both

Two weeks ago, a group of Tufts students protested prior to a lecture of an Israeli legal officer at the Fletcher School. They called for human rights and spoke against killing innocent civilians. However, like in other similar lectures, none of them exploited this opportunity to ask the Israeli officer tough questions or challenge his […]