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Meet the new meat: Kaplan Lab cell agriculture research propelled by USDA funding

Faint bubbles twist their way to the top of an inconspicuous green container about the size of a hand. Among the miscellaneous bottles and boxes on the countertop, you wouldn’t give the box — called an SDS-PAGE — a second glance, and you certainly wouldn’t guess what it was up to. In reality, this device […]

CMHS continues virtual group offerings added in response to pandemic

This semester, Tufts Counseling and Mental Health Services is continuing to offer virtual programs and workshops, including those created to target pandemic-specific challenges. Since the start of the pandemic, CMHS has created several new groups targeting mental health challenges that can arise in quarantine. One such group offered this semester for both undergraduate and graduate […]

3D-printing class pushes students to frontier of modern medicine

Among the 3D printers throughout the room, Vincent Fitzpatrick, a postdoctoral biomedical researcher at Tufts University, holds up a gray unassuming piece of plastic, crisscrossed with a cage-like structure. Hidden beneath a series of support structures that have yet to be removed, he explains, lies a perfect replica of a patient’s bone — assembled from […]

Tower Café reopens with beverage-only menu, online ordering

Tower Café reopened on Oct. 6 with a limited menu for the first time since it closed due to the pandemic in March 2020. Situated within Tisch Library, the cafe restarted operations this year as students returned to one of the most popular study spots on campus — a change from last year, when students […]