Ava is a contributing writer at The Tufts Daily. Ava is a second year who is studying International Literary and Visual Studies with a focus on film. Ava can be reached at [email protected]

Weekender: The ethics of true crime television

Have you ever wondered what makes a killer tick? Or what exactly went on behind the yellow caution tape? It’s natural; the unthinkable fascinates us. Hollywood knows this, as true crime has become one of the bestselling genres out there. Either created as documentaries or as dramatized representations, true crime lauds its purpose as educational. […]

‘Pearl’: A farmer’s daughter goes for the kill 

In “Pearl” (2022), the second installment of Ti West’s vintage horror trilogy, we get a look into the real “farmer’s daughter.” It is a prequel to “X” (2022), which follows a group of independent adult filmmakers in the 1970s who are staying on a Texas farm to finish their film, “Farmer’s Daughter.” The group is […]

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