Audrey Carver

Audrey Carver is a first-year at the SMFA studying fine art. Audrey can be reached at

Shuttle Talk: Carly Rosenthal

“Mushrooms are gonna save the world, dude.” I was skeptical at first, but, after hearing Carly Rosenthal explain her newest project, a research rabbit hole and artistic endeavor focused on the wonders of mushrooms, I might have to agree. Carly, lacking her usual energy and enthusiasm, is sleep-deprived as she explains that she stayed up […]

Shuttle Talk: Alberto Checa

If I am being honest, I don’t understand performance art. However, it is also a primary focus at the SMFA, which prides itself on pushing the boundaries of art school and exploring interdisciplinary media. Up-and-coming art students like the ones of the SMFA are the ones defining and developing the role of performance in contemporary art. […]

Shuttle Talk: Mushky Rice

The first time I met her was brief and barely memorable — we sat a few rows apart on the 9:30 a.m. shuttle and I admired her shoes. The second time I met her, she welcomed me into an old warehouse whilst suspended from the ceiling and wearing a hand-sewn cape, where she later allowed a […]

Shuttle Talk: Antonio Inniss

“It’s all about sharing the love, man,” Antonio Innis, the SMFA shuttle driver known as Tony, told me with a laugh on a bleary Monday morning Slackbot, completely on par with his usual friendliness and completely changing my morning grumpiness. No matter who gets on his shuttle, what ridiculously large piece of art they are carrying or […]

Shuttle Talk: Ben Mizrach

The demographics of the SMFA shuttle are pretty consistent. There are always tired-looking dual-degree students, a few Bachelor of Fine Arts students and one of the five drivers that we have come to know and (mostly) love. Someone will be holding a Rubi machine coffee, someone will be struggling to carry a piece of art and […]

Shuttle Talk: Magda Petmeza

Why create art? As an artist, it was something I always knew was important, but I didn’t understand why. While at the SMFA, I’ve realized how complicated it is — not everyone makes art, and those who do create it for different reasons. Furthermore, many do not care at all to answer why they create art. Art deserves a place in everyone’s […]