Arnav Sacheti is an Assistant Sports Editor at the Tufts Daily. He is a sophomore who is majoring in Quantitative Economics. Arnav can be reached at [email protected]

Caring changes communities with Crossover Basketball

Based in Chennai, India, the organization offers a free two-week summer camp for Chennai-area kids. In this camp, the kids are not only given the opportunity to learn and play basketball, but they are also given valuable educational and social tools in an engaging and community-driven environment.

Hoops Traveler: Morality or expediency?

On the one hand, basketball’s ability to derive equal passion from people of different cultures and creeds is its single most powerful gift, something that I have shown repeatedly in this column. At what point do you need to stay firm in your values and take a stand?

Hoops Traveler: The case for Australia

The opportunity for American players to get out of their comfort zone while still playing in an English-speaking country with a high standard of living is a perfect mix. 

Hoops Traveler: The world’s largest democracy

Bollywood. The Taj Mahal. Cricket. These are some of the things that India, the world’s largest democracy by population, is known for universally. But today, as a proud overseas citizen of India, I want to make sure basketball goes on that list, too.

Hoops Traveler: Stop the nonsense, US edition

Of course last week was a joke, if you didn’t catch it. Basketball in the United States of America indeed has a rich history and an enormous talent pool. To make up for my mockery of it, let’s stay home today.

Through Direct Hit podcast, cricket enthusiasts build fanbase at Tufts

What started as a fun project to spend time during quarantine quickly turned into a recurring podcast with a growing cast of contributors. “This podcast has the potential to no longer remain a podcast but to become a community platform for people to engage with everything related to cricket,” sophomore Saumya Mehta said.

Hoops Traveler: FC Barcelona, the basketball team?

This week, my travels take me to Spain — provided that I successfully cross the language barrier. My lack of soccer knowledge is compensated by my fascination with international basketball. Lucky for me, I quickly discovered that behind the iconic soccer franchise logos of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid rests an unexpected — yet powerful — non-soccer legacy.

Hoops Traveler: The Canadian dream, a basketball nirvana

In a league that is called the National Basketball Association, the Raptors effectively render this name false simply through their existence outside the United States. Therefore, not only has Canada longed to have success at the world’s biggest basketball stage, but on a national pride level, they have wanted respect. The Raptors gave them all of that with the 2019 title.

Hoops Traveler: NBA bubble party poopers, Yugoslavia edition

Nikola Jokić? Luka Dončić? Goran Dragić? Nikola Vučević? What is the commonality between them all? If you said that their names all end in “ic”, you would be right, but you would be remiss to the point of ignorance. To give them a little more respect, these are the names of star NBA players who surpassed expectations and led their respective teams deep into the 2020 playoffs.

Getting to know Tufts athletes: Danielle Page

For Danielle Page, a junior Tufts long-distance runner who has captured many wins for the Jumbos, running had not always been a thought in her mind, let alone a priority. That all changed with a commitment to her friend in fifth grade.