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Cross country teams overcome ‘Green Monster’ through preparation, team camaraderie

In a strong start to the season on Saturday at the Trinity Invitational in Manchester, Conn., the Tufts men’s and women’s cross country teams dominated both of their respective 5K races. A total of seven schools brought their men’s and women’s teams to the meet — the Tufts men finished first and the Tufts women […]

Men’s track first-years dominate in meet against NESCAC rivals

After nearly two years, the men’s track and field team returned to Ellis Oval at Tufts on Sunday, competing against Wesleyan, Conn. College and Trinity. Tufts scored 239.5 points, which was more than 100 points better than Trinity, which placed second. A large portion of this high score came from multiple individual winning performances, including several from first-year students.

Olympic Torch: The torch must be lit in Tokyo

The Japanese government has spent $15.4 billion on this Olympics — more than has been spent on any other Summer Games in history. Postponement costs alone account for 22% of the budget, such as renegotiating new stadium and TV deals. This is more than double what Japan initially planned for when it took on the job for the 2020 games back in 2013. If Japan backs out now, it stands to lose out on not only publicity for the country but a lot of revenue as well.

Olympic Torch: Cross-country running needs a comeback

Cross country is a sport that is grueling, competitive and cerebral. These qualities make it perfect for a fun and interesting broadcast to an international audience. In addition, cross country is one of the few types of running that has a close-knit team aspect to it, since all members of the team are running the same race and competing for team points.

Olympic Torch: The Scoop on race walking

“Who wants to work this hard to look this funny?” That quote is a motivating mantra for Steve DiBernado, head of Club NorthWest Racewalking in Portland, Ore. That’s because he has spent his life embodying the answer to that well-meaning, but ultimately sarcastic and disparaging quote. Working hard while looking funny in race walking has […]

Olympic Torch: Get excited for three-on-three ball

The International Olympic Committee has introduced 3x3 basketball as one of its events. With five-on-five basketball still going strong, the three-on-three game will add an element of novelty and excitement to the world of international basketball.

Olympic Torch: From the backyard to the Olympics

For some, this seemingly short-lived backyard passion has turned into a career with international exposure. Their trampolines have never left the backyard, but these athletes have moved into training centers and stadiums. That’s right, trampolining is an Olympic sport.

Caring changes communities with Crossover Basketball

Based in Chennai, India, the organization offers a free two-week summer camp for Chennai-area kids. In this camp, the kids are not only given the opportunity to learn and play basketball, but they are also given valuable educational and social tools in an engaging and community-driven environment.

Hoops Traveler: Morality or expediency?

On the one hand, basketball’s ability to derive equal passion from people of different cultures and creeds is its single most powerful gift, something that I have shown repeatedly in this column. At what point do you need to stay firm in your values and take a stand?

Hoops Traveler: The case for Australia

The opportunity for American players to get out of their comfort zone while still playing in an English-speaking country with a high standard of living is a perfect mix.