Arlo Moore-Bloom (LA'21) was an Executive Audio Producer and Executive Sports Editor at The Tufts Daily.

The Equalizer: Germany, community and the 50+1 rule

Premier League devotees call it the best league in the world. Some of the most famous players play in England, after all, and its clubs dominate global television and merchandising markets. At the same time, its supporters bemoan the external investment that has driven the league to the same heights they celebrate.  It started in […]

The Equalizer: Hooliganism and the rise of the Far-right

It was 2010, and the financial crisis seethed throughout Europe. Some of the European Union’s most vulnerable markets — Greece, Russia and Italy — were hit the hardest, as the next decade would usher in years of austerity and financial anxiety. As reported by Foreign Affairs, Far-right parties are the biggest beneficiaries of financial crashes. […]

The Equalizer: MLS posts losses, investors buy more?

It’s on its last legs, but I’ll always remember a scene from the satirical comedy “Silicon Valley” (2014–). “Sesame seeds rely on particular microclimates … predominantly in Myanmar, Brazil and Indonesia,” a Peter Thiel-inspired character pretentiously tells a group of desperate entrepreneurs. “Next year, for the first time in 221 years,” he continues, “the cicada populations […]

The Equalizer: A match on Mars

What made “The Twilight Zone” (1959–64) so memorable was its dependence on the unexpected — a malevolent, mysterious mixture of suspense and unfamiliarity that lurched its audiences into a perplexing fear and confusion of the unknown. “[The Twilight Zone] is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition,” says the show’s creator, Rod […]

The Equalizer: Moving the needle in Iran

Maryam Shojaei grew up proud of her brother. A standout on every soccer team he ever played for, Masoud Shojaei is a point of pride for a family steeped in soccer culture. In 2004, when Masoud made his debut for the Iranian national team, his father watched on in the Azadi stadium in Tehran. Iran […]

The Equalizer: MLS, Europe’s youth tug-of-war

Major League Soccer launched the Development Academy in 2007, a program intended to provide unprecedented access to premier coaching, facilities and professionalism to young players. The idea was to make players better so that they could compete in MLS and in Europe.  In a perfect world, MLS teams would invest in their Academy, develop quality […]

The Equalizer: How TV deals explain the two-horse race phenomenon

In late August every year, 20 Spanish horses jump out of the gate, their powerful thighs churn into the Iberian mud. Within seconds, two horses — one draped in Catalonian blue and red, the other in Castilian white — spring out of the pack. It is clear even before the first turn that one of the […]

The Equalizer: Equal Pay for Equal Play? It’s complicated

The U.S. Women’s National Team is ranked No. 1 in the world. An unprecedented four players were shortlisted for FIFA’s player of the year award days ago. Earlier this summer, they danced — almost gliding past opponents rendered invisible — to their record fourth World Cup win with a panache seldom seen on the world […]

The Equalizer: Italy welcomes Romelu Lukaku

He probably saw it coming. It had happened last year, too. But not to him. In an away match to Cagliari, Inter Milan’s Romelu Lukaku stepped up for a penalty at the death. The Belgian international paused. He lost focus of the ball, distracted by a noise all too familiar to black players in Europe: […]

Tufts finishes 7th in the Director’s Cup

In regard to perhaps the most comprehensive and thorough sports award the NCAA has to offer, Tufts University finished seventh in the Div. III Learfield IMG Directors’ Cup competition for the 2018–19 academic year. The award cements Tufts’ status as one of the top athletic institutions in Div. III. This year’s finish marks Tufts’ eighth […]

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