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Off the Crossbar: The intangibles

In recent years, professional sports have shifted towards favoring the more skillful, quicker players as opposed to the stronger, grittier stars of the past. In the NBA, seven-foot-tall gargantuan centers, who would spend the entirety of the game toiling in the paint within five feet of the basket, are now expected to shoot 3-pointers with ease. […]

Off the Crossbar: Manchester City has the swagger of champions

Great teams can often have that aura of invincibility — the feeling that no matter what, they will come out in front. They give their fans a sense of inevitability. It’s the feeling you get when Steph Curry starts to hit a couple of 3-pointers in quick succession to light up the crowd in Oakland. […]

Off the Crossbar: 3 teams, 1 champion

Saints head coach Sean Payton said he’ll “probably never get over” the blown pass interference call by the referees in this year’s NFC Championship game that costed his team’s place in Super Bowl LIII. The Saints will most likely be back again next year with another chance to make a run for the title. The […]