Arin Kerstein (LA'18) was an Editor in Chief at The Tufts Daily.

Letter from the Editor: Introducing our columnists

This issue marks the first day of full-fledged production for The Tufts Daily, meaning that the Daily is finally printing daily! As we jump into our regular schedule, we have a series of new contributors joining us in our pages. I have the privilege of introducing you to this new group of people who have impressed […]

Letter from the Managing Board

An undeniable truth of creating effective, holistic news coverage is that to represent the community as accurately as possible, a paper needs to have writers who bring myriad perspectives and experiences to the table and to their writing. Unfortunately, in our paper and in media outlets across the country, the voices and identities that create […]

Letter from the editor to the Class of 2020

On behalf of the masthead of the Tufts Daily, I would like to welcome you to the Hill for the next, and perhaps biggest, adventure of your life. While some of you just landed in Boston today, some of you are still probably trying to rid yourselves of a Wilderness stench six showers later. Whether you participated in […]

Arianna Huffington discusses her role in new media age

Arianna Huffington, editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post (HuffPost) and author of over 15 books, delivered the keynote address at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy‘s annual Class Day Ceremony yesterday on Fletcher Field. In 2014, Huffington spoke at the 9th annual Edward R. Murrow Forum on Issues in Journalism at Tufts, where she discussed the evolution of digital journalism. In an email interview […]

David Gregory discusses upcoming Tufts course, changing media landscape, political campaigns

David Gregory, the political journalist best known for his work on NBC’s “Meet the Press” (1947 – present)  and CNN’s New Day (2013 – present) will be teaching a political science course at Tufts next fall about the race to the White House in the modern media environment. He spoke with the Daily about his plans for […]

Visiting on the Hill

MONDAY “The Locket: Film Screening & Lecture by Prof. David Bordwell” Details: David Bordwell, the Jacques Ledoux Professor Emeritus of Film Studies at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, will give a lecture, “The Switcheroo Tradition: Narrative Innovations in 1940s Hollywood,” following a screening of John Brahm’s film, “The Locket” (1946). When and Where: 4:30 – 7:00 p.m., […]

Gauri Seth elected as incoming TCU President

UPDATE: The voting breakdown for the TCU presidential election was released Friday afternoon, and the article has been updated accordingly. Junior Gauri Seth was elected to the position of Tufts Community Union (TCU) President, following all-day voting yesterday on the Student Information System (SIS) online portal, according to the Tufts Elections Commission (ECOM) Technician Ryan Hartney. Seth, who is the […]

Visiting on the Hill

TUESDAY “Environmental Justice 101 Panel Discussion” Details: Alicia Hunt, director of the Medford Department of Energy and Environment, will join members of the Tufts faculty on a panel addressing the intersection between environmental, social and political issues. This event is being held as a part of the Tufts Sustainability Collective’s Earth Fest. When and Where: 7:30 p.m., […]

TCU Election Results

Following TCU elections yesterday, the Tufts Elections Commission (ECOM) Public Relations Chair Whitney Miller announced the newly elected officers for the 2016-2017 academic year. Miller explained that 1,444 students voted yesterday and added that voter turnout was at 24.31 percent, substantially higher than last year’s voter turnout of 8.02 percent. She said that this discrepancy can be […]

Visiting on the Hill

MONDAY “Edward R. Murrow Forum 360°: Beyond the Headlines with Anderson Cooper” Details: Anderson Cooper, anchor of CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360°, will speak at the 11th annual Edward R. Murrow Forum on Issues in Journalism. Jonathan M. Tisch, vice chair of the university Board of Trustees, will interview Cooper about current issues in the media. Preceding the lecture, Cooper will be signing […]