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Alan and Susan Solomont honored with renamed Distinguished Speaker Series

The Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life Distinguished Speaker Series will be renamed the Alan and Susan Solomont Distinguished Speaker Series in honor of Dean Alan Solomont (A’70) and his wife, Susan. The renaming will be announced today at the final Distinguished Speaker Series event of the semester, hosting primatologist Jane Goodall. Solomont is retiring at the end of the semester after seven years in the role of dean and a lifetime of involvement with Tufts University, starting with his undergraduate years.

Tufts students work to ease social isolation of older adults during the pandemic

Advocates for Quality Aging, a Tufts' student group that provides geriatric volunteer opportunities targeted at pre-health students, began in fall 2020 as a health care blog featuring interviews with geriatric health care providers, social workers and others in the industry. Founder Paul Ly wanted to give pre-health students at Tufts an idea of what life was like for those serving the geriatric community.

More than meets the eye: President Hosea Ballou

Plans to establish a Universalist school endured many starts and stops, but eventually a Board of Trustees, which included Ballou, was created to oversee the project and bring it to fruition. Ballou was a natural addition to the Board, as he had contributed to the rise of Universalism in the country.

You Gotta Know: Alecia McGregor examines US health care through a historical perspective

The idiosyncratic failings of the U.S. health care system have always been present in the life of Alecia McGregor, assistant professor of community health. McGregor was born in a working-class North Miami, Fla. neighborhood to Jamaican immigrants, and government support was critically important to her family’s well-being. “I come from a big family of seven […]

Historical: Charlotte and William Bloomberg Medford Public Library pays tribute to town’s rich history

Construction for the new and improved Charlotte and William Bloomberg Medford Public Library is set to end in May at its historic location on 111 High Street, which has housed every iteration of the library since 1875.

Alumni Interview: Jonathan Wood Rosen, freelance writer

Rosen is introducing a new generation of Tufts students to journalism with his ExCollege course, “Behind the Reporter's Notebook: The Practice of Global Journalism in the 21st Century.”