Aren Torikian

Aren Torikian is a senior majoring in Economics and International Relations. He can be reached at

The Arena: The scoreboard

My favorite part of the first presidential debate was Donald Trump’s reaction to it. In the face of a debate that was a draw at best, the Republican candidate proclaimed victory. Trump conveniently cited several (unscientific) polls showing him ahead, such as Fox News’ poll, completely ignoring the response of the majority of analysts and, […]

The Arena: Round one

We’re only 43 days away from Election Day, and tonight is the first of three presidential debates between Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Here’s a quick primer on what to watch for: First, it’s worth mentioning who you won’t see. In order to get on the debate floor, a […]

The Arena: The home stretch

First and foremost, everybody at The Arena would like to welcome our newest Jumbos to Tufts. You’ll find rather quickly that there’s nothing quite like a college campus around election time. And to everybody who won’t be going home to vote, please request your absentee ballot! From the top of the ballot down to your local […]

The Arena: Democracy in America

During its time at Tufts, this year’s graduating class got to witness some pretty cool events. Tufts had its snowiest winter ever, and President Monaco sledded down the President’s Lawn. The Sox won yet another World Series and the Patriots won yet another Superbowl (#FreeBrady). The Commonwealth of Massachusetts elected a new governor. But the […]

The Arena: Bulls and Bears

I recently discovered political markets. is a website that allows users to buy and sell shares in a given political event — occurring or not occurring — with the expectation of a payout. On PredictIt, if an event occurs, like Hillary Clinton winning in New York, “shareholders” get paid $1 per share. At the […]

The Arena: Cruz missile

Candidates like Donald Trump are exciting. Trump is guaranteed to bring out thousands to his events and generate copious decibels of noise. He has built a campaign on telling it like it is and refusing to be politically correct. Ted Cruz, on the other hand, is boring. He brings hundreds to his events and utters […]

The Arena: Bern after reading

In explaining the Electoral College to non-Americans (and occasionally Americans), I like to use the “points” approach. Every state is worth a certain number of points, and a candidate needs to win a majority to win it all. And yeah, it really doesn’t matter what the overall population thinks. Points. It’s all about points. Bernie […]

The Arena: Going for brokered

July in Cleveland usually entails supporting a mediocre Indians team and hoping that a cool band plays at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This summer will be a little more exciting. The Republican National Convention could be the most dramatic weekend in the city since LeBron’s decision to take his talents to South […]

The Arena: March Madness

Apparently Google searches about moving to Canada have spiked in the last month. Part of the effect is probably heartthrob and “The Arena”-favorite Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who was just in Washington, D.C. But I’m honestly not sure that Canada won’t build a wall to keep Americans out with the way these elections are going. On […]

The Arena: Rubiover

With the internship season rolling around, resume-fudging is at its peak. You never know what special skill will get you that gig with Google. But if you’re looking for accomplishments to put on your résumé, look no further than the Republican primaries. You (and I) both earned as many delegates as Marco Rubio did on […]