Ameenah Rashid

Ameenah Rashid is an assistant features editor at the Tufts Daily.

Senior Profile: Max Farber weaves together interests in art, sex health

Graduating fifth-year student Max Farber has technically attended three different institutions. He’s come a long way since his first year at Skidmore College, where he studied fine arts and social work on a premedical track. “I was at Skidmore for a year, but at its core, it just wasn’t for me. I actually went through […]

Tufts/NEC students juggle dual-college experience, rigorous academics

If you ask a Tufts student about a combined degree program offered here, it is likely that they will assume you’re referring to the BFA + BA/BS program between the School of Arts and Sciences and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA) at Tufts. But for students passionate about music, there is another […]

Students discuss their experiences as members of Tufts’ religious minority

For students who identify as religious or spiritual, Tufts offers a wide array of options for them to practice their faith on campus. This includes the presence of Buddhist, Catholic, Jewish, Humanist, Muslim and Protestant chaplains on campus. However, there are some students who are members of less-populated religions on campus, referred to as “minority religions.” According to […]

Longtime activist Heather Booth teaches Tufts how to organize

Activist, advocate, fighter. There are many words one could use to describe Heather Booth. However, the one term that perfectly describes her career as a strategist for over 65 campaigns and life of activism is “organizer.” At the age of 71, Booth has spent over 50 years fighting for several progressive causes ranging from civil rights to reproduction rights, to immigrants […]

Financial burdens, lack of diversity influence two students’ decision to leave Tufts

For some students, it was just a year ago. For others, it was two, three or even more. Deciding where to go for college is often a stressful part of the high school experience, but a final decision on where to attend may not be so final. For former Tufts students Yash Gurditta and Michael Lee, when the […]

Q&A: Newly hired associate dean discusses past military experiences, future hopes for Tisch College

Today, with almost thirty years of service under her belt, Diane Ryan has a wide variety of experiences in places such as Germany, Iraq and West Point. Her first non-military related venture is at Tufts, where she was recently appointed as the Tisch College associate dean for programs and administration. Always looking for ways to go outside her boundaries and still make […]