Op-ed: Protests in China reveal possibilities for change

​​On Sunday, Nov. 27, a rare anti-lockdown, pro-free speech protest broke out in Beijing. Demonstrators crowded the Liangmaqiao diplomatic district, holding up pieces of blank, white paper to show their opposition to China’s draconian zero-COVID policy. Protests also broke out in other major Chinese cities such as Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu following a fire in […]

Op-ed: Two years since Tier Town: The survivor’s manifesto

Last year, I wrote an anonymous op-ed detailing my experiences with rape and abuse within Tufts student-activism. It’s now been two years since that cold night in Tier Town, yet despite subsequent calls to action, very little has changed since then.

Op-Ed: One year since Tier Town: Assault and accountability in Tufts student-activism

Content warning: This article discusses sexual violence. I was raped by a fellow protester one year ago during Tufts Housing League’s Tier Town protest. Although several bystanders witnessed it, including protest marshals, they left me alone when I most needed them. In the months that followed, my rapist and her enablers constructed a narrative that […]

Op-Ed: Real justice in Israel

On April 5, 2019, there was an op-ed published in the Daily called “Real justice in Palestine” that attempted to portray Tufts Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) as hypocritical for hosting a drag show as part of its “Deadly Exchange” campaign. It engaged in quite a lot of victim-blaming of innocent Palestinians, stereotypical discrimination […]

Op-Ed: On the stigma of depression (Part 2)

Editor’s correction: The subheading of the first part of this Op-Ed, “On the stigma of depression (Part 1),” which appeared in print on The Tufts Daily on March 29, mistakenly indicates that the author suffered from eating disorders.  Trigger Warning: Topics pertaining to self harm, depression and sexual assault At some point no one could take the responsibility for […]

Op-Ed: On the stigma of depression (Part 1)

I think anyone who has been through a mental illness wants to spare other people the harm, and I hope that by sharing my story, I can generate some awareness regarding this matter. I was around ten when my mental illness began. For a year I was up all night, every night, nauseous and convinced that […]

I Finally Told Someone

Trigger Warning: This article discusses rape and sexual assault. I finally told someone. In truth she was far from the first person I’ve told about being raped. Very far from it. But my new doctor might as well be the first ‘grown up’ I’ve ever told. To be clear, I’m not a child. I am […]

TW: trigger warning

As I tried to write this op-ed, I doubted what validity I had in making a judgment on the administrative policy. More than a year ago, when I was raped on this campus by a fellow student, I chose not to take any legal action. This was informally recommended to me by the administration and […]

Sex: the myth of masculinity

On a recent Saturday night, I found myself in an uncomfortably familiar place … not contributing to my end of a sexual partnership. Despite the numerous legitimate reasons I was quickly able to surmise — a new and untrusting partner, a night of festivities, etc. — I still found myself feeling frustrated and inadequate. I […]