Anna is a junior majoring in sociology. Anna can be reached at [email protected]

Mindful Moments: Intentions

It’s hard to believe that second semester has begun, and the first full week of classes has already come and gone. Over break, as the new year rolled around, I noticed many people discussing their various New Year’s resolutions and what they were looking forward to with the fresh start. Although reflection and change can […]

Jumping Hurdles: Self-care

December is here, and for students, that often means stress and late nights as opposed to holiday cheer and Christmas cookies. The anxiety of upcoming finals often prevents me from enjoying my final weeks of the semester, and it can be difficult not to feel particularly bogged down. This year, I’m making an active effort […]

Jumping Hurdles: Staying present

Something about going home for a break is always healing for me. Every time I return to the snowcapped mountains of my hometown, I find myself more centered, grounded and all-around calmer. Being away from the hustle and bustle of school, work and the constant activity at Tufts made me realize just how unfocused I’ve […]

Jumping Hurdles: A heart full of love

Last week was hard. This weekend was hard. Today is hard. Life has just been really hard recently. I’ve found myself exhausted (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, you name it) and have wanted nothing more than to just bury myself in the covers of my bed and stay there until Thanksgiving break. Did I mention that […]

Jumping Hurdles: Sugar

This weekend, I realized I have a problem. As I found myself elbow-deep in the cookie jar, reaching for my fourth cookie of the night while simultaneously typing into Google, “how to stop eating so many cookies,” it suddenly occurred to me that I may have a bit of a sugar addiction. Sugar is a […]

Jumping Hurdles: The problem with clubs

When I was a freshman, I was sure that college would be a time where I could totally reinvent myself. I played violin growing up, but decided to leave the orchestra geek in me behind and try something new when I came to Tufts. After all, I had come to Jumbo Days and seen firsthand […]

Jumping Hurdles: Change

I’m having what I think might be defined as a mid-college existential crisis. Last night, as I lay awake in my bed, I suddenly wondered what I’m doing, where I am in life, what my plans are and if who I consider myself to be is what I really want. I then proceeded to spend […]

Jumping Hurdles: On feeling homesick

As I’m typing this, I’m all sorts of emotional. This past weekend was filled with amazing people in beautiful spaces, and I have spent all day reflecting on how lucky I am to be alive and to be loved. I spent part of my weekend on the beach in Rhode Island with a couple of […]

Jumping Hurdles: Keeping clean

Last night, my housemate accidentally put dish soap in the dishwasher instead of actual dishwashing detergent. One hour of chaos, wet socks, laughter and foam ensued, along with a very spotless kitchen. A word of advice to all aspiring, trying-to-be-functional-adults: don’t ever put dish soap in your dishwasher. It will create more soap suds than you could […]

Jumping Hurdles: Outside the bubble

Each year, I am constantly amazed by how easy it is for me to fall into the trap of staying within the Tufts bubble. It’s so easy to spend all day in Tisch or on the Prez Lawn or at the Campus Center, forgetting that there is an actual world outside of my existence at […]