Anjali Nair (LA'17) was an Arts Editor at The Tufts Daily.

Alumni Choral Weekend brings together alums, Tufts Chorale for phenomenal concert

On the afternoon of Sunday April 12, Distler Auditorium overflowed with hundreds of people, all gathered to watch a performance of Mozart’s famous “Requiem Mass in D minor” (1791). The piece, an eight-part funeral mass that Mozart composed in 1791, and which was left unfinished upon his death, is an incredible composition on its own – […]

Felipe’s stirs up competition for other Mexican grills with savory meals, great prices

There are two dominant schools of burrito lovers at Tufts: those who prefer the smaller, more traditional style of Anna’s burritos and those who prefer the fresh, hefty wraps of Chipotle. Though both these chains put up a fair fight, venture a little further from Davis Square and you’ll find an even better option. Located in […]

Hilary Duff’s new single ‘Sparks’ fails to impress

Singer and actress Hilary Duff was a familiar face in the entertainment world of the early 2000s, both for her hit Disney Channel series “Lizzie McGuire” (2001-2004) and her successful career as a pop musician. In recent years, though, she hasn’t often been in the spotlight, only making sporadic television appearances — for instance, in […]

Ringo Starr brings good cheer with latest solo album, ‘Postcards from Paradise’

While everyone remembers Ringo Starr as the affable drummer of The Beatles, he is also generally considered the least important member of the band. This may be a fair characterization; his contributions to the Beatles’ repertoire — from “Yellow Submarine” (off “Revolver,” 1966) to “Octopus’s Garden” (off “Abbey Road,”1969) — were invariably goofy, almost childish in execution. […]

Brandon Flowers releases spooky new video for ‘Can’t Deny My Love’

Brandon Flowers, the singer best known as the sultry front man of The Killers, released the first single  on March 30 from his upcoming album, “The Desired Effect,” set for release on May 19 in the United States. Bold and infectious, “Can’t Deny My Love” is a logical next step for Flowers, whose new wave and […]

New Jersey artist Adam Hillman creates highly detailed pieces with contemporary zeal

New Jersey is known for many things, from Bruce Springsteen to the hellish turnpike to the now-infamous Jersey Shore. However, many people may not consider the Garden State a hub for up-and-coming visual artists. As much as New York art snobs may scoff in disdain, the local arts scene in Mercer County is budding with fresh […]

Prefab Messiahs return to music scene with spunky new album

For the few readers who are well versed in the ‘80s underground post-punk scene of Central Mass., the name The Prefab Messiahs may ring some bells. For the rest currently scratching their heads in confusion, don’t worry — the Prefabs have stealthily passed under the radar despite the success they met decades ago in the […]

‘Monsters’ music video takes viewers through trippy world of storybook animations

Stepping back from the overproduction and bizarre storylines of many modern music videos, Sarah McLachlan’s “Monsters” (released Feb. 27) delves into the age-old theme of facing one’s demons. Set in an illustrated storybook, the video depicts a young heroine who confronts the monsters under her bed. The manila pages of the backdrop and the jumpy, sketched animation […]

THEESatisfaction’s ‘EarthEE’ experiments with atmospheric soul

SubPop Records is well-known as a paradisiacal label for alternative and indie bands, filling its roster of artists with everyone from Nirvana to Sunny Day Real Estate to Fleet Foxes. The label has not done much to belie this reputation, and its most famous artists tend to fit nicely into the alt-rock box. So it comes as […]

Screaming Females greets The Great Scott with wild stage presence, huge sound

On a typical Thursday night, The Great Scott — a music venue in Allston, Mass. —  is overflowing with post-college punks looking to see their favorite underground acts tear up the stage and, in the true spirit of rock ‘n’ roll, break every noise code violation possible. On Feb. 26, the Allston venue hosted New Jersey trio […]