Anita Ramaswamy

Anita Ramaswamy is a senior studying political science. Anita can be reached at

Anita’s Angle: Climate activism, collective action

After the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report on Oct. 8 — the fifth of its kind — we may be finally realizing the gravity of climate change. We have 12 years to limit devastating global warming, and as Vox explains, “we either invest now to clamp down on greenhouse gases, or we pay […]

Anita’s Angle: Trouble for big tech

This earnings season, investors in public technology companies had to curb their excitement for the first time in a long while. Revenue growth is cooling down at Amazon, Google and Snapchat. Twitter is losing active users. Facebook is releasing its earnings report this week, and many analysts expect the trend of decelerating revenue growth from the second […]

Anita’s Angle: Where is the competition?

Competition is the driving force behind capitalism, the engine that fuels innovation and provides incentive for growth. Adam Smith’s famous concept of the “invisible hand” is supposed to lead to effective allocation of resources through competition and ultimately result in the best outcome for consumers. American values have always been abstractly pro-competition, but our institutional […]

Anita’s Angle: Universal but not so basic

Elon Musk, Milton Friedman and Bernie Sanders walk into a bar. They’d argue all night, but there is one idea they’d likely agree upon: universal basic income (UBI). It has been widely touted as a preemptive solution to the looming threat of automation and a means to fight poverty. It sounds like a catch-all fix, […]

Anita’s Angle: Hold capitalism accountable

Emmanuel Faber is the CEO of a multinational corporation with clients in 130 countries and annual revenues of $28 billion as of last year. He also believes that a “revolution” is near and that we are getting close to the end of capitalism as we know it. Upon first glance, Mr. Faber might seem foolish for […]

Anita’s Angle: Miss America, but woke

In 2007, Miss Teen South Carolina, Caitlin Upton, went viral for her response to a question about why a fifth of Americans could not locate the U.S. on a world map. Under the blinding spotlight, 18-year-old Caitlin babbled nervously about “the Iraq” and how “people out there in our nation don’t have maps.” Her gaffe received […]

Anita’s Angle: Startups, a Millenial myth

Earlier this month, I went to watch my best friend pitch her non-profit startup at Harvard’s 2018 President’s Innovation Challenge. Of the fifteen competition finalists, only two teams were entirely composed of undergraduates. This surprised me — at a top school with no shortage of young talent, where entrepreneurs have access to a vast array of resources […]

Anita’s Angle: No paper, no problems

One year when I was in high school, my school ran out of paper. Our principal appeared on the morning announcements and urged us all to refrain from printing assignments in the school library and encouraged teachers to send homework electronically. This absurd scenario lasted for weeks, but to my peers and me at the […]

Anita’s Angle: When did ‘social justice warrior’ become a pejorative term?

I’ve sat through a few too many awkward dinners where I’ve had to meekly explain that yes, I study political science at Tufts, but no, I don’t consider myself a “social justice warrior.” When explaining our views, there is often a distinctive “us” versus “them” tone invoked by the liberal students on this campus (myself included), […]

Anita’s Angle: Let Kullman speak, let’s listen

This May, Tufts alumna Ellen J. Kullman (E ’78) will send off our seniors at commencement, and in true Tufts fashion, her appearance on campus has already sparked debate. The university’s enthusiasm about her speech conflicts with the popular sentiment among students right now that she is an unworthy choice for the role. As a […]