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Red Star: Building socialism, Part 2 of 2

American health care is a catastrophic failure because it makes care a commodity and suffering a source of profit. Medicine cannot be commodified as exchange rests on contractual relations among informed consumers. These relations cannot exist in medicine. Socialized medicine makes it possible to treat illnesses with care, without an eye to profitability. In Britain, before the Blairites began […]

Red Star: Building socialism, Part 1 of 2

The socialist movement, though stronger than at any time in the last 40 years, lacks centralized direction. To build power, socialists must decide which fights offer us the chance to challenge capitalism in an economic and political way right now. One area of struggle is housing. Rising rent combined with overdevelopment in the suburbs has triggered a unique […]

Red Star: Democracy at Tufts

We’re running up against the hard limits of student activism in the fights over affordable housing and tuition. The administration — despite not releasing revenue estimates or a university development plan, and without consulting students — routinely raises the cost of attendance by thousands of dollars. Such hikes are defended by claims that cost overruns […]

Red Star: The death of democracy

The United States is not a democracy. The Senate, the Electoral College, the courts, the unaccountable security state and the concentration of power in regulatory agencies staffed by the people they’re supposed to regulate means the political process and the state are resistant to popular pressure. This is only going to get worse. Voting didn’t stop it in 2008 […]

Red Star: What socialists want

A specter is haunting America: the specter of socialism. All of the rulers of America have entered a holy alliance to exorcise this specter: Trump and his fascists, Chuck Schumer and the neoliberals, billionaire ideologues and FBI hacks. In the 2.5 years since Bernie Sanders’ candidacy reintroduced socialism to the American media, the socialist movement has grown dramatically. Socialists have ousted machine […]

Red Star: They are just fascists now

Content warning: This column discusses violence. The Metropolitan Republican Club in New York invited Gavin McInnes to give a speech at their headquarters where he praised and reenacted the murder of a Japanese socialist. The Proud Boys, an alt-right gang, assaulted protesters outside. The cops stood by and watched. This was one of the latest […]

Red Star: Shatter realism

The right, so the thesis goes, lies and if we can show that they lie, then we can embarrass them. But this analysis and the prescription for infinite fact checks fail to grasp the purpose of a lie. Lies create narrative fantasy out of politics. For privileged voters, this fantasy plays out through symbols — flags, […]

Red Star: Down with the Court

Content warning: This column mentions sexual assault. With Kavanaugh confirmed, the left faces two choices: court packing as soon as the Democrats have the numbers or long-term abolition. The Republicans have put a far-right judge, who is an enemy of workers, women and minorities, on this unelected board of lawyers. Kavanaugh is emblematic of their movement […]

Red Star: Feudalism and the futurist mindset

Tech billionaires are your worst enemy. There is nothing progressive in the commodification of all your time, attention and information. In fact, growing sectors of the digital economy are at the forefront of authoritarian, anti-democratic politics in the United States. This form of politics includes Elon Musk’s determination to exclude unions from his factories, Jeff Bezos’ […]

Red Star: A party for everyone

We need a workers’ party if we are to win any lasting change. With the far right in control of all branches of the U.S. government and the Democratic Party increasingly reliant on the military-industrial complex for its candidates and fundraising, the need for a left-wing party is clearer than ever. Political parties draw their […]