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Red Star: Shatter realism

The right, so the thesis goes, lies and if we can show that they lie, then we can embarrass them. But this analysis and the prescription for infinite fact checks fail to grasp the purpose of a lie. Lies create narrative fantasy out of politics. For privileged voters, this fantasy plays out through symbols — flags, […]

Red Star: Down with the Court

Content warning: This column mentions sexual assault. With Kavanaugh confirmed, the left faces two choices: court packing as soon as the Democrats have the numbers or long-term abolition. The Republicans have put a far-right judge, who is an enemy of workers, women and minorities, on this unelected board of lawyers. Kavanaugh is emblematic of their movement […]

Red Star: Feudalism and the futurist mindset

Tech billionaires are your worst enemy. There is nothing progressive in the commodification of all your time, attention and information. In fact, growing sectors of the digital economy are at the forefront of authoritarian, anti-democratic politics in the United States. This form of politics includes Elon Musk’s determination to exclude unions from his factories, Jeff Bezos’ […]

Red Star: A party for everyone

We need a workers’ party if we are to win any lasting change. With the far right in control of all branches of the U.S. government and the Democratic Party increasingly reliant on the military-industrial complex for its candidates and fundraising, the need for a left-wing party is clearer than ever. Political parties draw their […]

Red Star: A rule we ought to break

Tufts decided to require registration for all protests and demonstrations larger than 25 people. Rhetoric aside, this policy is clearly aimed at walkouts, mass demonstrations, picket lines and coordinated disruptions. They want to keep us safe from our freedom to demonstrate. How thoughtful. The administrators have more power than the average student, including the power […]

Red Star: The privatization of suffering

Depression can have a social origin. As communist commentator Mark Fisher wrote, “mental illnesses are neurologically instantiated, but this says nothing about their causation.” Many illnesses, but particularly depression and anxiety, have causes in people’s lives, their communities and their general environments. One thing capitalism is good at is the privatization of suffering. The suffering […]

Red Star: Who are the workers?

To understand politics, particularly the failure of liberal identity politics, we need to understand the working class. Those who work for a wage and many who work for a salary are the working class, including industrial, service and agricultural workers. The working class is the base of society. There are two other classes in America; […]

Red Star: Empire of the Rich

America is an evil power whose aggression, dishonesty and barbarity are almost without equal. But the cruelty of killing approximately half a million Iraqis, or strangling the Nicaraguan revolution in its crib, doesn’t tell us why these things happen. Evil isn’t an explanation. From Honduras and Haiti to Indonesia and Iran, America’s enemies were popular revolutionaries and reformers […]

Red Star: Cities for the people

America is ugly. Every ruling class built the world anew in its own image. The American ruling class produces art that reflects a sterile, technocratic, inhuman class. Buildings and public spaces should be humane and beautiful. You shouldn’t have to buy something to have access to a bathroom. The neoliberal city is anything but humane […]

Red Star: Defending the indefensible

Some have spent the last few years attempting to make solidarity with Palestine a crime. But any time a democracy bulldozes villages, unjustly imprisons teens and plans to deport refugees, one has a right to protest its actions. Of course, you can bomb apartments, shell civilians and violate international law, but it’s all okay so long as you […]