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Las Letras Encubiertas: ‘Mis Plenos Poderes’

Throughout literary history, we’ve seen numerous authors delve into other occupations outside of writing. However, there are few like Cristina Reyes. Originally born in Guayaquil, Ecuador, Reyes has not only published several volumes of poetry, but has also had a successful career in pageants and in Ecuadorian politics. As a pageant contestant, Reyes came in […]

Inside Willem Dafoe’s ‘Inside’

Welcome back to claustrophobic cinema.  On March 17, the latest Focus Features (the independent film distributor of Universal Pictures) film will be released in theaters around the United States, presenting to the public the return of fan favorite actor Willem Dafoe. “Inside” (2023) is a psychological thriller written by British screenwriter Ben Hopkins and directed […]

Las Letras Encubiertas: ‘Páradais’

From the many female literary talents that Mexico has produced in the last few decades, the public eye has failed to acknowledge one of its greatest fiction talents — Fernanda Melchor. Melchor was born in Veracruz, where she also got her journalism degree before becoming a novelist. Although she has works published in prestigious journals […]

Las Letras Encubiertas: ‘Pensamientos estériles’

In the last two years, a new name has forced itself into the contemporary Hispanic poetry canon and the world feminist literature, gaining speed and acclaim like nobody else: Luna Miguel. Originally born in Alcalá de Henares, Spain, Miguel quickly jumped into the Spanish writing scene with her work as a journalist, editor and director […]

Las Letras Encubiertas: ‘Caperucita se come al lobo’

In hundreds of years of Latin American literature, the male-dominated canon has kept the character of women as an accessory and a servant, following sexist and conservative values instilled by the Catholic church. Even in this last decade, with Latin American conservatism having been discarded, and especially with the “Latin Lover” stereotype, women are judged […]

‘The Whale’ and the Brendan Fraser ‘renaissance’

Content warning: This article contains frequent references to suicide and eating disorders. Despite its overwhelming praise and it being almost two months after its original release date, there is absolutely no platform to stream “The Whale” (2022). Trust me, I’ve looked for it. If you search for it, you’ll only find sketchy websites with pop-up […]

On ‘Normal People’ and literary blockbusters

Since the turn of the century, like every other entertainment industry, the literary publishing world has experienced drastic shifts towards massification. The appearance of mass publication, overexposure to advertisements and the ever-growing power of social media have redefined public preferences on books. Literary blockbusters — books that are “notably expensive, effective, successful, large, or extravagant,” […]

Weekender: We forgot ‘The Sound of Things Falling’

“Hay un ruido que no logro, que nunca he logrado identificar: un ruido que no es humano o es más que humano.” (“There is a noise that I cannot, that I have never been able to identify: a noise that is neither human nor more than human.”) In his most renowned book, Juan Gabriel Vásquez […]

Let’s rehearse ‘The Rehearsal’ of a rehearsal   

According to the Collins Dictionary, a rehearsal can be defined as a “session of exercise, drill, or practice, usually private, in preparation for a public performance, ceremony, etc.” Although it is a term usually reserved for performance art or public speaking, rehearsing can also be seen in daily life such as thinking over an argument […]