Ananya Pavuluri is a first-year who has not yet declared a major. Ananya can be reached at [email protected]

Op-ed: We must dismantle anti-black racism within Asian American communities

As an Indian American woman, I have all too often come across members of my community shaking their heads at black people and dismissing the black struggle. I have watched the adults in my life rub Fair & Lovely cream on their faces with the hopes of looking less dark, mock black accents, language and […]

Q&A: New Tufts Data Intensive Studies Center director Dr. Abani Patra

Editor’s note: This interview has been edited for length and clarity. Dr. Abani Patra was appointed director of the up and coming Data Intensive Studies Center (DISC) at Tufts University this past spring. He started in this position on Aug. 15. Patra has an extensive background in computational and data sciences. He previously served as […]

‘Stranger Things 3’ explores new themes but similar plot

This review contains spoilers. Netflix released the third season of “Stranger Things” (2016–), an international sci-fi smash hit, on Independence Day this past summer. In this season, the children and adults of Hawkins once again have to battle a grotesque monster from another dimension, one that uses human beings as a vessel to enter our […]

Tufts expands data science opportunities, applied computational science minor

In fall 2018, Tufts School of Engineering began to offer a bachelor’s program in data science. Additionally, the School of Engineering has recently added a 4+1 B.S./M.S. dual degree in data science to their programs and will begin accepting applications for a Master’s in Data Science starting in fall 2019. These programs were spearheaded by Associate Professors Shuchin Aeron […]

Computer science department sponsors students from underrepresented groups to attend conferences

The Tufts Department of Computer Science (CS) has been pushing since 2014 to send more computer science students, especially from underrepresented groups, to technology conferences in the Boston area and across the country, according to Kathleen Fisher, department chair and professor of computer science. Fisher explained that the department has subsidized students’ attendance at technology […]