Too Haute, Haute Damn

Much to our disappointment, there was no new episode of “Project Runway”(2004-present) last week (something to do with turkey and mashed potatoes), but luckily there was an episode TWO weeks ago that we did not write about (something to do with corn and pie). With that episode came the challenge that all the designers have been […]

Runway Roundup: Dexter-ize It

[email protected] rocked the runway! #ProjectRunway — Project Runway (@ProjectRunway) November 11, 2016 Much like “Project Runway” (2004-present) judge and designer Zac Posen’s recent impromptu seated Rockette/karate kick, this week’s episode might be a bit kitschy, but we love it. After the designers’ moms or female best friends fly in for tearful reunions, the designers […]

Runway Roundup: The two Bs in life: Boring and basic

Was it worth it? #ProjectRunway — Project Runway (@ProjectRunway) November 4, 2016 Almost all of us have experienced the heightened drama associated with a group project. You are stuck with people you don’t know very well and then forced to produce your best work. Some groups synergize, and some groups suffer from mixed loyalties and […]

Runway Roundup: This column is brought to you by pizza rolls

#DesignerRoberi's love for roller coasters makes us love them even more. 🎢 #ProjectRunway — Project Runway (@ProjectRunway) October 28, 2016 What is streetwear? This is the question that plagued designers on this week’s episode of “Project Runway” (2004-present) as many stepped out of their comfort zone of cocktail dresses into the “Urban Jungle” (it’s […]

Runway Roundup: Shiny is a color, right?

This is so true! 😂 #ProjectRunway — Project Runway (@ProjectRunway) October 21, 2016 Like the first episode of this season of “Project Runway”(2004–present), this week’s show starts off with a party that — surprise!  — isn’t actually a party but an excuse to introduce the week’s challenge. The designers sip cocktails out of Absolut […]

Runway Roundup: Justin and the popcorn

Want to rock all the looks from the #ProjectRunway team challenge? Get them on @eBay to support @RobinHoodNYC! — Project Runway (@ProjectRunway) October 14, 2016 This week was a very special week because we had our boss and the Daily’s Executive Arts Editor, junior Justin Krakoff, as our guest judge. (Hi Justin, we […]

Runway Roundup: ‘Can you say ‘vagina’ on Lifetime/ The Daily?’ alt. ‘Happy Birthday Swatch,’ alt. ‘I AM BRIK!’

I'm LATE andsporting a different type of suit tonight on @ProjectRunway at 9/8c on @lifetimetv! #ProjectRunway — Tim Gunn (@TimGunn) October 7, 2016 This week, Project Runway opened with the never-before-seen fabulousness of Tim Gunn in swimwear! Fittingly, our patron saint paired swim trunks with a long sleeve t-shirt embellished with a delicately-tucked pocket […]

Runway Roundup: No glow-ting please

As “Frozen” (2013) fan, fashion designer and Project Runway judge Zac Posen so aptly exclaimed, this week’s challenge asked the designers to “Let it glow.” With the help of this week’s product placement, Transitions Lenses, the designers were asked to create a look that would be wearable during the daytime but also at night under […]

Runway Roundup: Barbie goes to art school

There are three key lessons that we learned from this week’s episode of “Project Runway” (2004-present). Number one: At a time when the average woman is a size 14, designers still refuse to learn how to make clothing for any one under 5’10” and larger than a size two. Number two: “Project Runway” pretty accurately […]

Runway Roundup: Revving Up for Season 15

For the uninitiated, “Project Runway” (2004-present) is “on Lifetime, I guess?” The show is in its 15th season and has stacked up an impressive 50 Emmy nominations despite using phrases like “magically muppety” to describe its designers’ work. Some say the task of quantifying such a layered cinematic masterpiece is too great for just two people, but […]