Amelia Becker is a Features Editor and former Executive Features Editor at The Tufts Daily. She is a senior studying sociology and economics. She can be reached at [email protected]

Summer venture accelerator fosters innovation in students’ startups

Have you ever had a crazy idea but didn’t know where to go with it? Seen other people creating startups and been unsure of what that actually means? Elaine Chen, director of the Derby Entrepreneurship Center and Cummings family professor of the practice in entrepreneurship, wants students to know that anyone can be an innovator, […]

Student-run small businesses flourish in Tufts community and beyond

College is more than just a time for academics: It’s about exploring passions and trying new things. For some, that means trying their hand at starting a business. A number of students have found the Tufts community to be a great place to build their businesses. Senior Melody Khounchanh started a sustainable womenswear brand called […]

Renovated Somerville West Branch library offers dynamic space to community

Many have walked by the West Branch of the Somerville Public Library on the way to Davis Square, watching the renovations over the years, without ever stepping foot inside. Built in the Classical Revival style, the West Branch has maintained many of its historic features since the renovations while adding modern upgrades to make the […]

Senior Profile: Gomez talks engineering, mentorship and everything in between

Since high school, graduating senior Mateo Gomez knew that he wanted to study civil engineering in college. He also knew he wanted to move away from his home in the San Francisco Bay Area, and Boston seemed like the perfect place.  Tufts was an easy choice.  “Tufts was the only engineering program I found, at […]

Students struggle with burnout without longer spring break, professors make some changes

Some professors updated their syllabi prior to the start of the spring semester to be more accommodating to students. Other professors have made changes more recently based on student feedback. Even so, many students find it difficult to bring up concerns to professors. 

Students fill poll worker shortage in 2020 election

A number of students reached out to JumboVote and Tisch College asking if there were ways to get involved as poll workers and if there was any training available.

Who returns, who gets tested? New England schools differ in COVID-19 response

In the face of the uncertainty and challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, universities across the country had to decide if and how to bring students back to campus. These choices differed greatly, even among schools with a number of similarities. 

‘Community will always matter’: Group of Six continues to support students remotely

Following the announcement that Tufts would be transitioning to remote learning and students would have to leave campus, the Group of Six identity-based resource centers worked to support students in this new environment.  Director of the Asian American Center Aaron Parayno’s initial response to the announcement was thinking about what this change meant for students. […]

Eitan Hersh shares research, insights into political activism

Eitan Hersh, a professor of political science and civic studies at Tufts University, focuses his research on civic participation and American politics. Hersh published a new book in January, “Politics is for Power: How to Move Beyond Political Hobbyism, Take Action, and Make Real Change” (2020). He has also recently worked on a study on […]

New English club aims to build community within English department

With an array of potential courses and many ways to fulfill the major requirements, English majors can feel a lack of community within the major.  “The English major as a major is actually really disparate and has no clear track, so a lot of the students don’t end up seeing each other for more than […]