Senior Profile | Sabienne Brutus

  Last August, Sabienne Brutus tore her anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, during a track workout. Her athletic career as a thrower could have ended then, had she chosen to have the surgery that would have taken long months to recover from. Instead, she chose to go through intensive therapy so that she could continue […]

Tufts students, alumni dive into growing startup world

  Harvard may be able to boast the founder of Facebook, but Tufts has several notable success stories of its own in the business world. Both past and current Tufts students have founded and currently run successful startup companies, and according to Getable founder Kevin Halter (A ‘03), flexibility is key to getting a startup […]

Students low on patience with stagnation on diversity program

Last spring, a major breakthrough in the decades-long push for a presence in the universitys curriculum of issues of identity and diversity arrived on the Hill: A new program called Critical Studies in Disparities and Diasporas (C2D), had been envisioned, was set in motion and was slated to serve as an umbrella program for an […]

As Occupy movement quiets, it finds new channels at Tufts, nationwide

A movement to define a generation, some called it. Yet after all the media buzz about Occupy Wall Street and its fight for social and economic justice last fall, the movement has a substantially lower profile now. This is also true in the Boston area, with the closure of Occupy Boston encampments and the crackdown […]

A semester later, new fitness center works out

  With New Year’s resolutions and last month’s holiday dinners on their minds, students are flocking to the semester-old Steve Tisch Sports and Fitness Center.  According to Fitness Director Mike Pimentel, the newly renovated fitness center has proven to be more popular and necessary for a variety of reasons.  “What many people don’t realize is […]

Students participate as test subjects in psychology studies

  Forget guinea pigs and lab rats: Tufts students are often test subjects for psychology studies at the university themselves. While professors and students alike conduct extensive research on a diversity of subjects, students have the opportunity to participate in psychology studies to earn a few extra dollars or fulfill class requirements. For the courses […]

Tufts Kink contributes to dialogue surrounding sex on campus

The sex discussion on campus often tip?toes around the dirty details, whether it be during the Undergraduate Orientation program, within groups such as Action for Sexual Assault Prevention (ASAP) or in the Disorientation Guide published this year. These efforts have tackled concepts like consent and sexual assault, and try to drive home to students the […]

Storm Update | Hurricane Sandy causes campaign cancellations, polling changes

To Tufts, Hurricane Sandy meant power outages, a day off from classes and minor flooding. Nationwide, the storm’s effects were much stronger, devastating areas of New Jersey and New York. The storm also disrupted the presidential election. The specific effects of Sandy vary drastically from state to state, bringing challenges that range from power outages […]

Local businesses shying away from steep JumboCash transaction fees

  On and off of the Tufts campus, a student ID is multipurpose; one tap gets you into your dorm, one scan gets you into Spring Fling and one swipe gets you a sandwich at Tasty Gourmet. The use of a student ID at a local business, though, comes with a heavy fee. “New businesses […]

New dean brings personal experience to inaugural BLAST program

  Tufts’ newest undergraduate associate dean in the School of Arts and Sciences is ready to hit the ground running after spending the last six weeks of summer on campus. In addition to his role as associate dean, Robert Mack is also director of the Bridge to Liberal Arts Success (BLAST) program, as described in […]