Amanda Rose

Amanda Rose is an assistant arts editor at the Tufts Daily. She is a senior majoring in political science and film & media studies. She can be reached at

Golden Globes prove Hollywood hasn’t yet figured out its diversity problem

The Golden Globes mark the start of the 2019 awards season, an exciting time for makers and lovers of film, television and music. While the Globes are considered the “drunk uncle” of awards ceremonies, they offer an important glimpse into Oscar and Emmy frontrunners, the latest in red carpet style and Hollywood stars’ reactions to […]

‘Half the Picture’ peels back curtain on age-old sexism, discrimination in Hollywood

It’s no secret that men disproportionately dominate positions of power. “La La Land” (2016) is no exception — in fact, as Amy Adrion’s “Half the Picture” intimately explores, women in the film industry fare far worse than their male counterparts. Despite graduating from the University of California, Los Angeles top of her class with a […]

Tufts Latinx Film Festival’s ‘Relatos Salvajes’ finds humor in the surreal, mundane

There is something uniquely rich and warm about emotions shared across languages. Watching a film — whether gasping at dramatic irony, cackling at the antics of a foolish character or crying out in disbelief at its conclusion — brings out that which unites us: our ability to recognize and celebrate each other’s experiences and where […]

Central Square Theater’s ‘Frankenstein’ reclaims its monster

Content warning: This article mentions sexual assault.  Frankenstein’s monster, as he is known today in popular culture, is a far cry from the philosophically and morally tortured being created by Mary Shelley in the novel that jump-started the genre of science fiction. Two hundred years after the publication of the original novel, Central Square Theater’s production […]

‘The Hate U Give’ reflects realities of racial violence through a young woman’s perspective

Content warning: This article discusses violence. “The Hate U Give,” a cinematic adaptation of Angie Thomas’ bestselling novel of the same name, graphically addresses the Black Lives Matter movement through the eyes of a young black woman, Starr Carter (Amandla Stenberg). A code-switching chameleon of self-expression jumping between diametric worlds, her life in Garden Heights […]

Oath Craft Pizza joins JumboCash program

Oath Craft Pizza in Davis Square is the newest off-campus venue to join the JumboCash program. The pizza restaurant approached the university about joining the program a little over a month ago, Oath’s general manager Christopher Ryder recalled. “We definitely heard that there were a couple of businesses around Davis that were [accepting] JumboCash,” he said. “I […]