Amanda Lillie is a sophomore who has not yet declared a major. She can be reached at [email protected]

Maintaining Your Tuftsanity: Finals week hacks

Finals week is upon us, but never fear. I’ve got the recipe for success to help you take final exams like a pro. First off, make sure you’re as sleep deprived as possible. Don’t listen to what your drooping eyelids and foggy mind are telling you; you should most definitely stay up until at least […]

Maintaining Your Tuftsanity: Switchbacks

Is it always cowardly to run away? Lately, I’ve started to think running is the only thing keeping my head on straight. I was raised to think that it’s shameful to turn my back on bumps in the road. If something was challenging, I was encouraged to embrace its difficulty until I had worked through it […]

Maintaining Your Tufstanity: Wipeout

There I was, out on the open road, running free and far away from campus. At last, I had found some time to get myself outside. It was your classic adrenaline shebang: energy coursed through my veins, wind blew through my hair … need I say more? My responsibilities were trailing far behind, eating more […]

Maintaining Your Tuftsanity: Catch z’s, not disease

It is hard for me to believe that there was ever a day when I protested going to bed. Like most kids, I fought against it as though my life depended on it. I screamed, fussed and found corners of the house to hide in so I couldn’t be forced to sleep. When closing my […]

Maintaining Your Tuftsanity: Face your fears this Halloweekend

I never thought there’d come a day where I’d be more afraid of the results of the upcoming presidential election than psychotic clowns taking over various cities. Yet, here we are. I was your typical scaredy-cat growing up. Turn the lights off in a room or surprise me with a demon mask and I’d quickly […]

Maintaining Your Tuftsanity: Just add color

It all started with window markers. I tossed them into my suitcase for school along with some other random items such as animal ear headbands and rollerblades, because you never know exactly what you’ll need here at Tufts. Forget lined paper, extra batteries or tissues; logical necessities like those can just as easily be “borrowed” […]

Maintaining Your Tuftsanity: Changeup time

Electronics have never been up my alley. Not even relatively close to my alley if I’m being honest; they’re more in a completely different city. My butter-fingers have made sure of that. I’ve dropped a camera lens-down into sand and lost many an iPhone to all of the accidents not covered by the protection plan. […]

Maintaining Your Tuftsanity: Take a Breather

In the last week or so, campus has undergone a significant atmospheric shift. It may have snuck right under your nose in the oh-so-subtle way that it does, as the leaves slowly change and the temperature drops just enough to make you question why you didn’t bring more sweaters. This is Boston after all; why […]

Maintaining Your Tuftsanity: The Snow Globe Effect

College is a lot like living in a snow globe. How, you may ask? Surely I don’t mean that it traps you in a little plastic dome, free to wander around like the snowman from the Pixar short until you see a plastic mermaid in the next globe over and want desperately to escape. In […]

Maintaining Your Tuftsanity: Laugh It Off

Disclaimer: I feel it is necessary to begin this (my debut as a columnist for The Tufts Daily) with a reminder that I am a 19-year old college student who’s undecided about everything from her major to her favorite ice cream flavor, so any advice I attempt to give on how to maintain your “Tuftsanity” may be completely […]