Allyson Blackburn is a senior majoring in clinical psychology at Tufts. Allyson can be reached at inquiries about It Happens Here, please email

Op-ed: On strength, recovery and It Happens Here

Content warning: This op-ed discusses rape and sexual assault. This is my fourth and final year participating in It Happens Here. I’ve read over 150 narratives belonging to my peers, my friends and my loved ones. I’ve cried hot tears for every single narrative. I’ve worn their words with the trauma I wear on my own […]

An open letter to survivors

Trigger warning: This article discusses sexual assault and rape. Dear Survivors, On March 1, a concerned brother wrote about his love for his sisters. On March 24, a concerned mother wrote a letter to her daughter about safety on college campuses. Both of these articles had authors who hoped to protect the young women in their […]

It Happens Here, still

Trigger warning: This article contains references to sexual abuse. I am no longer surprised when my friends disclose to me. Isn’t that a horrible thing to say, or to be true? We live in a world where violence seems to be the norm. Most recently, it was a friend who referred to her assault as […]