Allie Morgenstern is a columnist for the Tufts Daily. She is a junior studying Child Study and Human Development and can be reached at [email protected]

Making my (Den)mark: The Final Countdown

I really can’t believe how quickly this semester has gone by. So, I’ve decided to write about the top 5 things I will miss the most about Copenhagen and studying abroad. Classes. I know, I know … Why would anyone actually miss the school part of study abroad? Well, my classes with DIS have revitalized […]

Making my (Den)mark: April Break

I just spent the past several days exploring Greece, both Athens and Santorini. Luckily, my program gives us an additional mini-break in April for the Easter holiday, so I was able to squeeze one more trip into my abroad time without feeling like I missed too much of Copenhagen’s spring weather. And like Tufts’ spring […]

Making my (Den)mark: The final month

Overall, this past week has been high quality: I went to my visiting host mom’s school with her (she’s a fifth-grade teacher), and I went with my cousin and her parents to the Danish Royal Ballet. Things have been really great, except for the fact that finals are starting to roll toward us like a […]

Making my (Den)mark: Spring in Copenhagen

You’d think that three months into studying abroad I’d be doing fewer touristy things. While I do feel more like a real city-dweller than I did at the beginning of the semester, I’m still making my way through many more must-sees in Copenhagen. Some things are just now opening up for the spring and summer, […]

Making my (Den)mark: Finland

One of the coolest parts of the DIS study abroad program is that we have a lot of traveling built into our academic schedule. This past week, I went on a class field trip to Finland. I remember when I signed up for this particular core class on child development, I was kind of iffy […]

Making my (Den)mark: Abroad Housing

Today, I went to my first ever real soccer game. Scratch that — my first ever football game. Am I European yet? It was a good team — Copenhagen won — but I’m definitely still a bigger fan of American football. This football match is just one of the many activities my housemates and I […]

Making my (Den)mark: Spring Break in Spain

I just returned to Copenhagen after spending the last week traveling in Spain. This week was my free break and at the end of March, I’ll be going to Finland with my core class. My friend and I decided to go to Barcelona as the first stop of our spring break trip, followed by four […]

Making my (Den)mark: Amsterdam

My first travel weekend: complete. Last weekend, I took an excursion to Amsterdam with two of my DIS friends. First of all, I’d just like to say that European airports are way more efficient than those back home. I’m not even kidding; it took 15 minutes total to get through security and all the way to our […]

Making my (Den)mark: Intro

I’m currently studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark through DIS Study Abroad in Scandinavia. I’m participating in the child development core class, but I’m also taking photojournalism, a developmental disorders class and I intern in a Danish sixth-grade class every Thursday. I love this program so much, so I apologize in advance to my friends for […]