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Girl Online: Being present

Lately, I’ve been having some trouble being present. I don’t know when exactly my mind stopped honing in on the “now” the way it did over the summer and shape-shifted into one that is always thinking about the next thing on my to-do list: who I’ll be meeting for a meal (when sometimes I’d rather […]

Girl Online: How perceptions impact our relationships

Of all the things I value highly, my relationships with other people sit at the top of that list. I can say with confidence that my most treasured memories at Tufts take the form of discussions that I’ve had with my friends about many things in life. By nature, I’m more inclined to spend time […]

Girl Online: The Downside of Positivity Culture

You see them everywhere. Those little journals that have you write down the answer to “one question a day” for five years or “something you did that made you happy.” Or books telling you how to always be in good spirits when everything might not be going so great. Or Instagram accounts with inspirational quotes. […]

Girl Online: FOMO in our lives

We’ve all been there. It’s a normal night and you’re just by yourself, not doing anything special, then you check your phone and pull up Instagram or Snapchat and … BAM! You’re flooded with photos and videos of some event that everyone seems to be attending: except for you. You get that sinking feeling in […]

Girl Online: Perceptions of College

Hello, Tufts!  Coming back here for my second year, I immediately recognized the palpable feeling of excitement and anxiety in the air. Walking around campus during orientation made me feel like I was reliving my life a year ago, trying to figure out every little thing I didn’t know. I have a lot of issues […]