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Graduation day according to 5 TV episodes

Life imitates art, and what could be a purer form of art than the classic TV graduation episode? As the Tufts Class of 2018 passes this milestone, let’s look back at some of our TV favorites who also donned caps and gowns and see what lessons they have to bestow on us. “The Vampire Diaries”: Season 4, Episode […]

‘Riverdale’ Chapter 32: Finally unmasking the real Black Hood?

Okay, things have taken a turn. This episode of “Riverdale” (2017–) was all kind of screwed up, but also kind of great! At least “Chapter 32: Prisoners” brought the drama, and at least we have pretty definitive proof that the mid-season Black Hood reveal was just a red herring. What more could we ask for? […]

‘Riverdale’ Chapter 31: There’s no business like high school show business

Well, we have arrived at the “Carrie” musical. And it was terrible. Or wait, maybe it was amazing? Once again, “Riverdale” (2017–) has put out an hour so strange, it feels like the show is actively trying to melt our brains. “Riverdale” is not the first show to attempt a musical episode. The “Scrubs” musical […]

The hills are alive with the sound of Cheryl in ‘Riverdale’ Chapter 30

Well, we certainly weren’t kept in suspense for too long about Cheryl’s stint in Sisters of Holy Mercy, were we? But it only seems natural that Cheryl would have to return to Riverdale High with plenty of time to prep for her starring role in next episode’s “Carrie” (1988) musical. “Chapter 30: The Noose Tightens” definitely […]

‘Riverdale’ Chapter 29: The one where everyone runs for office

The following is a public service announcement for any of you people who quit watching “Riverdale” (2017–) this season because it “went downhill”: “Riverdale” is good again!! Seriously! It is important to note that classifying “Riverdale” as “good” in no way indicates any amount of actual quality, but the past few weeks have been a ton […]

‘Riverdale’ Chapter 27: What happens in ‘Lodge’ lodge stays in ‘Lodge’ lodge

Welcome to the latest episode of “Riverdale” (2017–) that for some reason also functioned as a 42-minute-long promotion for coming of age/coming out movie “Love, Simon” (2018)? This Riverdale gang-led infomercial felt mostly like filler, but that didn’t stop “Chapter 27: The Hills Have Eyes” from solidifying itself as one of the best episodes of […]

Chapter 26 of ‘Riverdale’: Just some ‘typical’ Cooper family drama

You know the parenting in Riverdale is bad when FP comes off looking like father of the year for helping cover up a murder. But seriously, where is Child Protective Services when you need them? Cheryl has been emotionally abused for years and it’s continued now that her mother is neglecting her to live her “harlot” […]

A big step for Bughead, a double homicide in Chapter 25 of ‘Riverdale’

Every television show always has a few select episodes that viewers can point to and say, there, that was a watershed moment for this show. Twenty years from now (yes, we are still going to be discussing “Riverdale” decades into the future), we are all going to look back on this week’s episode of “Riverdale” […]

When politics, fragile masculinity, incest collide: ‘Riverdale’ Chapter 24

Congratulations, “Riverdale,” you’ve outdone yourself. This week, “Chapter 24: The Wrestler” saw the typically strange “Riverdale” (2017–) cross over into the deranged as sexual energy pulsed through a number of inappropriate relationships. As if that weren’t enough, “Riverdale” also decided to get political this week, which, for the record, must be Cole Sprouse’s doing. Ever since […]

Chapter 23 of ‘Riverdale’ improves on perplexing winter finale

A huge cloud was hanging over the midseason premiere of “Riverdale” (2017–) this week, since the winter finale reveal of the identity of the Black Hood turned out to be such a letdown. In fairness, it would’ve been hard after all the buildup for the face under the hood to be truly surprising and satisfying, but the janitor […]