Alex Viveros is the Science Editor, Investigative Editor and a former Editor in Chief at The Tufts Daily. He is a senior studying biology and community health, and his work has been featured in Science Magazine. Alex is a member of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists and can be reached at [email protected]

In appeal to suit against Barstool Sports, Somerville Mayor alleges he was secretly recorded

Curtatone originally sued Barstool in June 2019 after Minihane posed as Boston Globe columnist Kevin Cullen, a friend of Curtatone's, during a phone interview with the Somerville mayor. Curtatone gave Minihane permission to record the conversation under the impression that he was speaking to Cullen, and Minihane later posted the interview in its entirety on Barstool’s website.

Vaccinated students expected to follow all COVID-19 guidelines for foreseeable future

University health officials have suggested that although vaccines are capable of preventing serious complications from COVID-19, it is still unclear to what extent vaccinated individuals may still become infected and spread the virus.

Students profit off of GameStop short squeeze, share opinions

Kumar shared that he had made a return of over 500% on his initial investment from the rise. He also said that he imagines that the losses on Wall Street may lead to changes in the behavior of hedge funds.

Explaining the Daily’s COVID-19 dashboard

The Daily is engaged in a comprehensive effort to track COVID-19 cases across Tufts’ Massachusetts campuses and in their host communities. We are currently gathering data from Tufts’ campuses and surrounding communities. As of now, we are only visualizing data from the Medford/Somerville campus.   Where do we get our data? Our data is pulled […]

Letter from the Editor in Chief: Thank you, Tufts Daily

If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that we’ve all been reminded of the importance of stepping back and counting our blessings when we are able to. On my last day as Editor in Chief of The Tufts Daily, I’d like to share this letter in the hopes of counting mine.

‘Among Us’: Case for game of the year

As we wrap up this semester, we want to give a shout-out to one of the biggest games of this year: “Among Us.”

TCU Judiciary rescinds suspension, apologizes to Senate Executive Board, ECOM

Members of both the Senate Executive Board and ECOM clarified that there was never any attempt by a body of student government to undemocratically place students into the vacant Senate seats.

Community members, Tufts students celebrate Biden victory in Davis Square

Several Tufts students joined members of the Somerville community in a celebration at Davis Square on Saturday, following the victory of former Vice President Joe Biden in the general election. 

You Gotta Know: Amy Lischko prepares students for future of American health care

Lischko took the opportunity to bring her expertise in public health policy to the undergraduate level last fall. She began teaching Healthcare in America, a course designed for first-years and sophomores to understand the American health system, as well as apply that knowledge when comparing it to health systems of other countries.

Letter from the Editor in Chief: What makes Tufts a community for you?

The great thing about Tufts is that no matter what, there's always a place for you, and the people you'll meet here are eager to welcome you home.

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