Lexi Serino

Lexi Serino is the Outreach Coordinator at the Tufts Daily. She is a senior studying Political Science and Spanish. She can be reached at [email protected]

Medford Mom: The best of both of us

When my father was 17 years old, his heart stopped for a full five minutes. He was in a horrible drowning accident at the Breakheart Reservation when he was a junior at Medford High School. He was resuscitated, and he might not often admit it, but his survival was nothing short of a miracle.  When […]

Medford Mom: Tiny beautiful things

In times of sadness, darkness and confusion, I often cling to the comforting words of my favorite author, Cheryl Strayed. Her book “Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugar” (2012) is my own personal bible, and I found myself skimming through it nearly every day of the week of March 9, […]

Take Care: The 5 best recipes from the Bon Appetit Test Kitchen

Over the past few weeks of self-quarantine and social distancing, one question has come up in conversation quite often: “How are you staying busy?” It’s a valid and important question: We want to make sure that the people we love are finding ways to take care of themselves and adjust to this strange new reality […]

Medford Mom: An Ode to Troy Bolton

Hot take: “High School Musical 3: Senior Year” (2008) is the best film of the High School Musical trilogy. The production value is incredible, the soundtrack is stellar and the plot is only mildly ridiculous. I will always tear up when, at the end of the film, Troy tells the crowd at the spring musical […]

Medford Mom: My Anchor

Truth be told, dear reader, this column was a difficult one to put together. In honor of the Daily’s 40th anniversary on Feb. 25, I decided to write about my time at the Daily and the impact it’s had on my Tufts experience. Putting into words what this organization means to me without sounding cheesy […]

Medford Mom: John Green was wrong

“I’m never, ever, ever, going to Tufts, mom.”  I uttered these words one weekday afternoon in my family’s kitchen during my senior year of high school. It was late March, and I was sitting at our breakfast nook, anxiously awaiting the moment when my email inbox would light up with a notification that would change […]

Letter from the Managing Board

Dear Daily readers, Since 1980, it has been the Tufts Daily’s mission to bring clarity to conversations, balance to issues and fact to debates. In our semester as the Daily’s Managing Board, we hope that we’ve upheld our values and principles as promised to you, our readers. We have been blessed with a dedicated staff who pursue […]

‘This Is Us’ Super Bowl special brings long-awaited answers, closure

In a special post-Super Bowl episode of NBC’s hit drama “This Is Us” (2016—), viewers were given an answer to the question they have been asking since the show’s premiere: how, and why, did Jack Pearson die? Warning: major spoilers ahead.   The series, which centers on the lives of the Pearson family shown through both […]

John Mulaney performs ‘Gorgeously’ during four-day residency in Boston

With six seasons of writing for “Saturday Night Live,” one comedy album, two Netflix specials, a Broadway show and a spot as a voice actor on Netflix’s new animated series “Big Mouth” (2017–) all under his belt, stand-up comedian John Mulaney performed a total of seven shows of his “Kid Gorgeous” tour between Nov. 14 and 17 […]