Alexi Reich is a first-year who has not yet declared a major. Alexi can be reached at [email protected]

Movie Theater Butter: Stream for free

No one likes being told what to do, but I must ask one thing of the three of you reading this: please don’t illegally download the movies and TV shows you plan to watch. Yep, this week’s column is going to be a fun one! I know we are all students, and iTunes’ attempt to […]

Movie Theater Butter: ‘Hunger’

This Thanksgiving, instead of choosing to sit down and watch the Macy’s Parade or a football game, I settled for a slightly unorthodox choice: Steve McQueen’s 2008 historical drama, “Hunger.” “Hunger” follows the life of Irish Republican Army (IRA) volunteer and activist Bobby Sands (Michael Fassbender) through his time in prison during the 1981 dirty protests chronicling […]

Movie Theater Butter: Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham was recently announced as the screenwriter for the film adaptation of the 2017 book, “A Hope More Powerful Than the Sea,” which follows the story of Doaa Al-Zamel, a Syrian refugee, as she tries to cross the Mediterranean by boat. This announcement was not well-received. Many have pointed out that this story would be a perfect avenue […]

Movie Theater Butter: In defense of the flawed women of ‘Sex and the City’

Okay, I’ll admit it. I love “Sex and the City” (1998–2004). Although “Sex and the City” was at one point immensely popular, garnering a viewership of 10.6 million people, mentioning that you chuckled at Samantha’s mishap with her attempt at at-home-hair-bleaching now brands you as a simpleton and threatens your seat at the feminist table. A […]

Movie Theater Butter: Remembering, retelling, respecting

Film has long been an artistic medium used to process historical events, both recent and distant. Sometimes films use historical events as a jumping off point or a backdrop for a mainly fictional story, like the way Oscar-nominated film “Dunkirk” (2017) uses World War II to tell stories about fictional people. Sometimes the links are more direct, with […]

Movie Theater Butter: Have your ID ready

On a recent trip with my film class to the Somerville Theatre, one of my classmates noted that we hadn’t been asked for our IDs, something that she said normally happens to her, upon purchasing tickets for the R-rated movie we were planning to see. And in a cliché turn of events, the absence of […]

Movie Theater Butter: Rewatching movies

I’ve only watched one new movie since starting college. That’s the beginning of an incredibly asinine anecdote, but allow me to muse on my earlier statement. Those of you who are long-time readers will remember my first column, from a whole three weeks ago, in which I talked about the sentimentality of films. The thing that I personally […]

Movie Theater Butter: French film

The French have an incredibly rich filmic history — some may argue a richer one than the United States — yet many amazing modern French films are overshadowed by their black-and-white, cigarette-heavy, slow-moving ’60s predecessors. I am not going to sit here and deny the importance of films like “Breathless” (1960) and “The 400 Blows” (1959), both of […]

Movie Theater Butter: ‘Juno’

I’m willing to bet one of my allotted 10 daily meal swipes (you read that right, all of Tufts’ first-years are being charged over $3000 in exchange for the oh-so-necessary ability to enter Dewick or Carm up to 10 times a day) that you, the reader, have at least one film that you love inexplicably. […]